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Flora Ku
2 months ago • Seattle

Cat ear solutions?

I'm looking for an ear solution to clear the gunk out of my cat's ears. There's lots of brands and I want to find one that non-irritating/drying. TIA! (Yes, I did get her checked for mites and that's not it - just waxy build up)
2 replies
about 2 months ago
I know that you can use Zymox for pets now. We used to sell it a lot in a pharmacy I worked for as an antifungal for pets, but I think you can get it OTC now. It might be worth looking into.
  • about 2 months ago
We use Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner, as it doesn't use alcohol (which dries out the ear and is an irritant for cats). Works very well for our cat who often has wax buildup.
  • about 2 months ago

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