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Kristy Morrison
over 1 year ago • Seattle

Christmas Lights and External Decor Install

Every year I wait way too late to start looking around for help on this front. We have a tudor style house with a tall steep pitched roof so prefer to outsource christmas lights and decor but looking for recommendations in the Burien/West Seattle area. Would like to get on someone's books now so we're all set for next season. Any favorites?
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over 1 year ago
I use Britescape for all my outdoor lighting, both permanent and temporary. They do a very good job. For Christmas lights, they buy them for you the first year and after the holidays are over you store them in a container they provide and then they reuse them in subsequent years.
over 1 year ago
Thanks Kim. I feel like I shot them a message once before and never heard anything. Maybe it was the time of year. I'll try again!! Appreciate the recommendation.
over 1 year ago
I have a resource for you! Brett and his team at Holiday Spirit Lighting will take care of you! Tell them I sent you. We are in GSBA Outleads together.
I am happy to give you a personal introduction. Just shoot me an email!
over 1 year ago