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Steve Dossick
10 months ago • Capitol Hill
Disassembling an upholstered sofa to get it upstairs
Looking for someone who can disassemble an upholstered sofa so it can be moved into a (finished) attic. We have a great couch for our upstairs attic but it's a drop too big to get through the twists and doorways.

NYC is famous for "Dr. Sofa" who helps you get your sofa into a new smaller apartment, does Seattle have something similar?
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10 months ago
Hi Steve, I own a vintage furniture store and restoration workshop, Madsen Modern. This is a tough one! Very few sofas can be easily disassembled. Sofa frames are nearly all built in roughly the same way with permanent joinery. Disassembly would be a matter of partially removing the upholstery, breaking apart permanently glued joints on the sofa's frame, and then rebuilding the joints and reupholstering the piece. In general, the higher quality the sofa, the more difficult the job, since good frames are built with more thoroughly fortified joints.

I don't have a specific recommendation for you, but I recommend checking with mobile furniture restoration companies. Make sure they have upholstery capabilities. Good luck!
  • 10 months ago
Thanks Brandon...those are helpful recommendations!
  • 10 months ago
Ray Spencer should take a look - I think he's the type of pro Brandon Madsen is referring to!
Furniture - West Seattle
  • 10 months ago
A friend of mine had this done in Chicago and it worked out great. A chainsaw may have been involved... Good luck, and report back!
  • 10 months ago
Ray Spencer was able to come by today...seems like a true craftsman...his site has some amazing photos of work he’s done. I’ll post back here when he’s done the work!
Furniture - West Seattle
  • 10 months ago

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