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Kristy Royce
8 months ago • West Seattle
Donating chairs in West Seattle
Looking for a place not too far from West Seattle to donate 4 older chairs. They are well loved and have served us well, but they need a new home. Sadly, Goodwill rejected them because they are not in perfect condition. I seem to remember post about a place that furnishes new homes for former homeless on FC. Thanks!
3 replies
6 months ago
Hi Kristy, I think the place you are thinking of is Humble Designs. Try reaching out to them.
Donation Center - Delridge
  • 6 months ago
Thanks so much! Will do.
  • 6 months ago
I dropped the chairs and they gave me a tour. My daughters and I may start volunteering on design days. What a wonderful organization!
  • 6 months ago

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