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Matt Shobe
12 months ago • Mercer Island
Handyman in Mercer Island
Our 10 year-old kitchen has been to war and back, and some of the drawers that hold the heaviest items are starting to sag in their runners and bump into each other.

I'd love to have someone come and "tune-up" the drawer hardware that needs help. No big renovation needed, just some mechanical TLC. Any tips, Chalkers?
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9 months ago
I suppose you could find a general handyman. But a thought. The cabinets we installed last year for our kitchen remodel came with a lifetime warranty... including adjustments. This means that anytime things get out whack the drive someone out to our house and have them make any adjustments necessary. They have been out twice so far to make adjustments (apparently, the soft close hinges need to 'settle in'.) The guy who came out both times is a VERY experienced cabinet guy. I wonder if he does side jobs?
  • 9 months ago
Thanks Robert Crimmins - we did check with our builder and we're not aware of any lifetime warranty with our original installation (drat), but that's led to a couple handyperson leads. If they don't pan out, maybe your guy can make this a side job, indeed.
  • 9 months ago
I think a handyperson is your best bet. With decent hardware, it's probably a few hours of tweaking each of the little screws in there until everything is level and plumb. I tried to do this with some of my own cabinets with decent results. If you have a relationship with JAS, I recommend their handyman service. They are great at this kind of thing.
  • 9 months ago
For what it's worth, we have found the soft-close hinges to be amazing. Never a sound out of closing any cabinets or drawers. if it's necessary or feasible to replace any hinges with soft-close versions, they are awesome.
  • 9 months ago

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