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Matt Shobe

Mercer Island resident. Bicycle commuter. I have opinions about airports.
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Matt Shobe
17 days ago • Mercer Island
Our ten-year old house was apparently shingled with asphalt sections that are too small for a shallow-pitched section of our roof. The result is ra...
Liz Pearce
3 months ago • Montlake
Murphy's Law: the dishwasher dies the day out-of-town guests arrive. The appliance repair person (Mark Wiseman) said to cut my losses and get a new...
Matt Shobe
7 months ago • Mercer Island
Our 10 year-old kitchen has been to war and back, and some of the drawers that hold the heaviest items are starting to sag in their runners and bum...
Dudley Carr
8 months ago • Queen Anne
I'm looking for an accountant that can do both personal and business taxes. Thanks!
Adam Doppelt
8 months ago • Magnolia
Anybody have an ebike recommendation? The store in Pioneer Square is having a 20% off sale and I'm thinking of taking the plunge. A friend of mine ...
Adam Doppelt
10 months ago • Magnolia
My house has an iron railing running along the front stairs. Last month the end of the railing rusted and fell off. Oops, bad homeowner award... W...