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Maile Bohlmann
19 days ago • Ballard
Home Drainage Expert Needed
Tis the season...with all this rain, we have our annual basement flooding issues. Previous solutions haven't worked long-term--expect we need a new French drain and/or pump, preferably without digging up our whole basement...since we've got work and school going on down here this year! Recommendations for a person or team who can find the root cause and do the fix? Thank you!!
3 replies
15 days ago
We had a similar recurring wet basement, and it wasn't fixed by sealants or exterior french drain. The thing that eventually did the trick was an interior drain with pump. It was installed by Wu Construction. The installation wasn't too invasive in the basement, outside of the two walls that needed a nearby trench. We've had several years of dry basement since. Good luck!
  • 19 days ago
The best drainage contractor in the Pacific Northwest, IMO, is Bodine in Lynnwood.

I owned a commercial building at the bottom of a slope, the side of 520 in Bellevue. Constant drainage issues. Tried several different companies, all did band-aid level fixes, but the rains came and ... water everywhere. Bodine came in, did some careful, frank assessment, including video scoping the existing drainage, and then solved it. One trip, even though it was extensive, it was reasonably priced and very carefully done, and boom. Never had a drainage problem since.

After that, I've used them at my home for my gutter drainage, and again, they were frank, honest, and thorough. I couldn't recommend them higher.
  • 15 days ago
Dan Shapiro Looks like you made a good call!
  • 15 days ago

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