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Zara Michael
25 days ago • Boston

Home office desk & chair

I'm finally sick of working from the other end of my dining room table! Can anyone recommend a working from home desk and chair (coming as set or individually)? I used to be an OT so I am conscious about ergonomics and organization.
11 replies
17 days ago
Thanks Omar Shahine - I see a height adjustable Uplift Desk and a Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair in your terrific guide. Slightly out of my price range but that might be the price range I'll be looking at for what I want.
  • 23 days ago
On my page I recommended a treadmill and desk from Amazon- when I want to sit I just put a yoga ball right on the treadmill and lower the desk. It’s been great.
  • 23 days ago
I needed to purchase an office chair on short notice, so I bought this.
It has a stylish design, adjustable height, and its reclinable.
  • 21 days ago
Thanks Michelle Flandreau - that's a great and creative option. Also, thanks Dakota Stern that chair looks so plush! Pretty cost effective too in the scheme of things.
  • 21 days ago
Whatever you do just consider ergonomic, I used FlexiSpot
  • 21 days ago
Jordan Cook of course! FlexiSpot look pretty good and cost effective, thanks.
  • 21 days ago
I 100% recommend getting a table top and legs separately for a desk. You have a lot more control over sizing and configuration that way. My fiancé and I both have the GERTON top from IKEA, which is 61x29 1/2” for only $100!!! For mine, I use a set of IKEA drawers on either side as the “legs” and my partner uses an electric standing/convertible desk situation he found somewhere else.
  • 18 days ago
My daughter bought a Fully desk ( and loves it.
  • 18 days ago
larissa Cole Oooh interesting! Never considered that option. Thanks
Allison Hudson Thanks- they look solid and well made. The standing desk converter might also be nice.
  • 18 days ago
Big fan of my Herman Miller Embody. Very expensive but also one of the most ergonomic office chairs ever made. I work at my desk alot so a big investment in my personal health was needed!
Office Chair
  • 17 days ago

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