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Thanh Dinh
12 days ago • Kirkland
House cleaner in Kirkland
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a residential house cleaning service in Kirkland. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!
5 replies
7 days ago
I think Susan's Green Cleaning services Kirkland. I learned a lot from then during the webinar thay did with Fresh Chalk. Microfiber and DI water does wonders.
House Cleaner - Pinehurst
  • 12 days ago
Recommend Laurie at Purrfect Cleaning. She can be reached at 206-949-9835 via text or phone.
House Cleaner
  • 12 days ago
Awesome! Thank you so much Ryan Metzger and Doug Davis! 👍🏻
  • 12 days ago
I refer clients to NW Spotless Cleaning. They are long time residents, family and POC owned. All my clients have rave reviews of their services and in particular, one client who is SUPER particular LOVES them!
House Cleaner - Pioneer Square
  • 9 days ago
Raulindo Santos (goes by Santos), an amazing cleaning and great person, quick and efficient. +1 (425) 399-4466
House Cleaner
  • 7 days ago

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