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Edward Nevraumont
23 days ago • Seattle

How to get rid of a woodpecker?

We have a woodpecker that has stareted pounding away on our house - way up high above the second story....

It is very obvious when he starts. When he does we go outside and throw a ball at him, or spray water in his direction (we can't hit him and the water can't reach, but it bothers him enough that he goes away). About an hour later he comes back.

How do we get rid of the guy? Is there a woodpecker specialist we can hire?

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22 days ago
Check this site out. We had a woodpecker issue at our old house and because they are a protected species it was hard trying to figure out a humane way to get rid of it. We put up windchimes and small decorative mirrors and that seemed to do the trick!
  • 23 days ago
Insects are woodpeckers’ primary food source, so if your home or yard has an infestation, that could be whats attracting them. Ants, and termites are all common reasons for woodpeckers to target a home, so check for signs of infestations including hives, rotting wood, or dead insects. Treat for insects yourself or call an exterminator.
You also could do what Victoria Suggested, placing something shiny and moving owl near the parts of to scare them away. Or perhaps place suet near the back of your property in a feeder, to deter them away from your home They are protected by the Migratory Bird Act so don’t harm them. Instead of eliminating them, you want to direct their focus away from your home and landscaping.
  • 23 days ago
Hi Ed, I have a similar problem so I called Jack Russell Wildlife Control to find an answer. The man I talked to was very helpful and told me that there are three reasons the woodpecker comes to your home.

1. They are creating a nest or resting place inside your siding
2. There are bugs living in your siding for you to feed on
3. You have a large open space near your home that has great acoustics for attracting a mate

If the bird is trying to build a nest, that can be solved by simply placing a mirror over the hole. This will scare the bird away and they will not return. Jack Russel has a variety of tools and decorations that they can put up around your home that will make your home look like it's Halloween, but these aren’t guarantees. Finally the end all solution is putting in concrete aluminum siding. If you replace your siding, they will never return. I think my bird likes the acoustics so we may look into some of the Halloween type decorations. I hope this help. Let me know what you find out.
  • 23 days ago
Meredith, these are great recommendations. I've heard about finding "loving" acoustics for mating. Love it. Ed, I would also contact your local Extension Office and the DNR offices for advice. They both have naturalist that can help direct you in the right direction. I am now intrigued to look up Jack Russel Wildlife Control,
  • 23 days ago
Hi Edward, 'tis the season when a young woodpecker's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. It's possible you have an insect situation going on, but at this time of year the most likely reason is territorial drumming associated with mating season. There are products you can buy that consist of brightly colored streamers that you temporarily hang until we get past this part of the season. Good luck!
  • 22 days ago
We has this problem and put up a Bird Repellant Predator Eye balloon. Solved it immediately. Over time the balloon was blown down by the winds, but we have it in hand in case another one comes by.
  • 22 days ago
Fantastic recommendations! We have one who pecks on our metal chimney cap - must be a mating thing with him.
  • 22 days ago

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