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Melinda Torres
15 days ago • Madison Park
I need someone to hang a rope from a really high ceiling.
We have a very tall garage and we need someone with a tall ladder who's willing to hang a rope hook and get a rope up there. It's a small job, but we're both freaked of heights.
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13 days ago
Hi Melinda! Quick question - do you know how tall the ceilings are? Also what will the rope be used for? I was talking to someone who might be able to do it, but they were curious about those two points (the ladder because if it's for climbing or something of the like, they would want to take extra precaution...)
  • 15 days ago
The ceiling is 12'7" and we are hanging a climbing rope. we need to order a hook to bolt into the ceiling. thanks!
  • 15 days ago
Great - I just spoke with Dave at White Glove Home Improvement (recommended by my friends Ron Zanetti and Danna Redmond) and he's willing and able to do the job, would just want to confirm that the ceiling can support for the weight. Email is the best way to communicate with him: Hope that helps!
  • 15 days ago
right on!!! thank you!
  • 15 days ago
Fresh Chalk operators are standing by 😉
  • 15 days ago
Not sure if this is the right place to make a comment like this, but what a great catchy opening line to your request Melinda Torres .

Out of all the new stuff I had in my inbox today, yours totally stood out.
LOL- Liz Pearce, I had the same questions.
Super glad your keeping active during this time (& not something else) 👍
  • 13 days ago

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