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Steven A. Chayer
3 months ago • Greenwood
I would like a framing inspector to pre inspect my interior walls.
I am remodeling a commercial space in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. I have some 60 lineal feet of non load bearing partition walls with doors and observation windows. I’d like to hire someone (carpenter, architect, etc) to consult with after looking at the framing work I’ve done and verify that it meets city code. A pre inspection before the city’s inspection, if you will. I’m not looking for the type of building inspection that one would hire before purchasing a house. Thanks
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3 months ago
Hi Steven- I was able to track down a couple of structural engineers who said they would be willing to help you. I talked to Tom Wampler of Engineers NW and he said he would come take a look at your work. His number is 206-973-5403. I also received a second referral for Wade Pennington at Inspection Services NW. His number is 206-551-2727. I was unable to reach him, but maybe you will have better luck. However, Tom seemed like a good candidate. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further assistance.
  • 3 months ago

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