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Steve Murch
11 months ago • Laurelhurst
Know any copper artisans?
Know any copper artisans? We have a copper fountain built-in to a wall in our front patio (faucet that pours into a bowl of sorts, with overflow), which I really like, but it’s splashy and I think needs a refactor so that it creates less splash and waste. I’ve tried some DIY hacks and am falling short, and comprising the whole idea of the thing.

The artist has since moved to the east coast and I’d prefer one here. Great project for a true metalworker artisan.
3 replies
6 months ago
Liz Mullan I could be remembering wrong, but is this the type of work your sister and BIL could do? A couple other folks who might have ideas... Sara Eizen Brandon Madsen
  • 6 months ago
Try contacting Iron Design Center NW they may be able to help you. If you call see if you can speak with Tim Sharp and let him know I gave you my name, we are in a networking group together.
  • 11 months ago
When I get around to calling about my bum railing I'll ask about copper metalwork too. Probably the same group of people. Sounds like you need a craftsman, though. I just need a railing :)
  • 6 months ago

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