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Marston Gould
6 months ago • Seward Park
Landscape border?
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to install a landscape border?
6 replies
6 months ago
Are you talking about a hardscape border? Like cement pavers?
  • 6 months ago
I'm open. Right now I have several large flower beds at ground level and the dirt from them tends to find their way onto my concrete walkways creating a mess.
  • 6 months ago
Our landscaper installed metal edging surrounded by a rock strip. That style of border is quite popular in Texas due to the dry weather (less watering). Looks great and wasn't expensive. Our landscaper mostly does standard yard maintenance, but the edging wasn't too difficult and they did a nice job. It typically looks like this -
  • 6 months ago
Hi Marston, I own a small landscape company and would be glad to take a look.
Landscape Design
  • 6 months ago
Thank Leo Montagne I’m going to be home all day Tuesday if that works
  • 6 months ago
Unfortunately I am pretty booked over the next couple weeks but we could do this remotely if that works? You can text or email pics of the site along with info on what you would like to see happen. If it's a good fit I could send one of my guys out for the project. You can find our contact info on our website.
  • 6 months ago

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