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Stefan Cordova
2 months ago • Kent
Looking for a cleaner/helper around the house
Two busy working parents who are looking for some help around the house. Looking for more than just a cleaner/maid but someone just to do whatever it is that is most urgent around the house.
1. Laundry (Wash/Fold)
2. Cook meals for the week
3. Dishes
4. Cleaning
5. Watch the kid!
Don't need every day but maybe once a week or every other week just to get some free time back in our lives! We live in Kent.
3 replies
about 2 months ago
Hi Stefan- Maybe some combination of cleaner and personal assistant or mother's helper? I don't know of an all in one service off the top of my mind. I DO know some excellent cleaners and personal assistants!

NW Spotless Cleaning
Family and POC owned. Long term employees. Have taken great care of my clients.

Pepper's Personal Assistants
Kara has a great team. Maybe they would have someone who could also do kid care...or at least a good referral for you!

Annie's Nannies
I only know of them. I have zero reference to them otherwise. Just throwing ideas out there to help you get your needs met.
Child Care
House Cleaner - Pioneer Square
  • 2 months ago
You may want to try Spilt Milk Nannies. Not sure if they check all of the boxes, but I think they are worth looking into.
Child Care
  • 2 months ago
Thank you Amy Woidtke and Meredith Fife for the recommendations!
  • about 2 months ago

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