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Ryan Bruss
4 months ago • Redmond
Looking for a company that solves drainage problems around a house
During hard rains water pools up in front of our garage. There's a drainage pipe that goes to the back of the house, but water just pools up there. These pictures were after I was able to dig a trench and let some of that water drain. Does anyone know what type of company or someone that would helps solve this? I imagine we need some screens to prevent debris from clogging the drain pipe and also to extend the pipe in the back so it doesn't pool there.
2 replies
4 months ago
Hey Ryan, I had much the same problem with our home when I first moved in. In fact, I probably have the exact same garage picture somewhere. What I would say about the garage drain is that these often get built without the appropriate slope to drive the water into a drain - and those drains almost always need to be cleaned even with a debris screen every year. For your gate area, someone needs to dig a trench, put in a pipe -at the right angle and either drain somewhere where it will naturally go to run off or into the sewer. I rented a ditch digger, dug a trench, bought PVC pipe that I drilled holes into (that was fun) and covered those with screens that I glued on and then covered with very lightweight landscape paper to reduce debris. I can say its a lot easier to do when its not raining. If you want to hire, look up drainage contractors.
  • 4 months ago
Try Wu Construction, they specialize in drainage and foundation work.
  • 4 months ago

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