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Tonya Ruf
2 months ago • Seattle

Looking for a Seattle arborist/tree service company

We are needing an arborist/tree service company to assess a fir tree in our backyard. The tree is gigantic and has lost 10 branches in the last couple of months. Appears healthy, but concerned something else might be going in. Thanks for the recs!
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2 months ago
I use Washington Tree Service to take care of my cherry tree. They helped it recover from some kind of infestation and now they treat it a couple times a year. Honestly not sure if it still needs treatment, but since they saved it the first time, I’ve stuck with them.
2 months ago
Been using Bartlett for 6-7 years. They come each year and manage our trees. They have also taken down a dying 90ft Douglas fir from our property.
2 months ago
I have recently used Vitalitree. They did a good job of assessing our big leaf maple that sits 3 feet from our house. Their plan was to cull the dead branches and remove some of the weight on top and then put some sort of band (soft, but strength of steel) around the 3 'trunks' of the tree. Their plans for our tree were far more comprehensive than a different tree service we had look at it. I liked them and will use them again.
2 months ago
We have a large Walnut Tree and Taproot Tree Care was awesome. They gave a much cheaper quote than the other service I talked to because they dissuaded us from unneeded work, and they left the area cleaner than when they came.
2 months ago
We have been using Renaissance Tree Care for about 15 years and are very happy with them.
2 months ago
HIGHLY recommend Sound Arbor - super friendly, reasonably priced and did a great job for me this past fall.
2 months ago
I recently had all my trees pruned by Renaissance Tree Care and they did a fine job. They also bolted and cabled a large maple that was in danger of splitting; I sleep better now that that's done.
2 months ago
I have used Oliver Bailey for many years and found him to be fantastic. He cares about trees and is very informative in assessing health concerns. His costs are reasonable and he is very responsive. I had a tree come down on our house during the recent wind storm. I texted him at 12:30 am right after the tree hit the house and he responded immediately and asked if he should come out then! I told him the next morning would be fine. Most of my neighbors also use him now and are very pleased. Here is his contact info:

Advanced Tree Management
Licensed - Bonded - Insured
9603 S 246th Pl
Kent, WA 98030
(206) 661-4282
2 months ago
I've spoken with Paul at Infinity Tree before and he really seems to know his stuff.
2 months ago
For routine pruning and assessment, we've had good experiences with Seattle Tree Preservation and with Bartlett.
For more in depth risk assessment we had to go to Tree Solutions. For one particular tree on our property, Bartlett was unwilling to make a risk assessment due to liability concerns. Similarly, Seattle Tree Preservation got out of the formal risk assessment business some years ago because of liability concerns.
Tonya, you'll probably do fine with one the companies listed in this thread. But if you need more in depth risk assessment, Tree Solutions is a good option.
2 months ago
I had a bad experience with Bartlett Tree Service. They did what they could to make it right--but that was after they took down a neighbor's tree in error.
2 months ago
We got excellent service from Swift Tree Service run by Buck & Amy Swift)
2 months ago
Highly recommend Bartlett tree:
19331 21ST Ave W Lynnwood, WA 98036
p 206.391.1535
f 425.481.6574
2 months ago
Thank you so much for all of these thoughtful tree service recommendations. This is very helpful in narrowing down my search!
2 months ago

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