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Josh Barnard

Capitol Hill • Seattle, WA
Joined over 1 year ago

Josh Recommends



I wanted to install my own system (and integrate it with some home automation stuff) so I got an Abode. I'm pretty happy with it!
Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning
We had some problems with our (not that old) old furnace. Blue Flame wasn't able to repair it, but did a very prompt and reasonably priced replacement. I was quite impressed with their service and communication.
Chet's Roofing & Construction
We had chat's come out to look at some damage we think was done by an animal on the roof. They were responsive, and provided a very competitive price relative to the three other quotes we got from them. They gave a price for repair as well as replace. We did the repair, and will likely use them in a few years when we need a full replacement.
Clear Skies Cleaning
Window Washing
Have had these guys do both Gutter Cleaning and Window Washing. They were fast, responsive, reasonably priced, did good work, and didn't try to bilk me (e.g. told me to get my gutters cleaned LESS often).
Dominion Pest Control
Dominion Pest Control got rid of the rats in our attic and they don't seem to have come back.
Kemly Electric
Kemly has done some smaller jobs for me at a couple of homes. They were always professional and did good work, though they were not cheap.
Recycling Services
We've been Ridwell customers for about half a year now. We mostly use them for recycling of plastic films - which I wish the city would do - and they also pick up a variety of other items for reuse and recycling. They do what they say they do - we're satisfied customers.
I needed a couple of screens fixed and a couple of screens added to windows that never had them. Screenman was prompt, polite, did good work, and seemed reasonable in terms or price. I’d definitely hire them again!
Taproot Tree Care
Tree Service
We need some pruning done on a large Walnut Tree, and had a few other projects we were considering. Taproot offered us a great price compared to the other services we talked to, in part because they talked us out of some services they felt were unnecessary. I really appreciated their honesty, as well as the great job that they did cleaning up after themselves. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.
The Duct Cleaners
We had Dustin and The Duct Cleaners reinsulate our attic (which had a lot of rodent leavings all over the place). They were friendly, thorough, took care not to trash the house, and seemed reasonably priced. I would definitely hire them again for future projects.



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