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Yaprak DeCarmine
11 months ago • Capitol Hill
Looking for a speech coach
Hi friends! I'm looking for an amazing speech coach that can help me prepare for delivering a keynote. Know anybody? Emphasis on the amazing!
7 replies
6 months ago
YES! She's actually on Fresh Chalk - You have to meet Genessa! Back me up Kristen Hamilton?
Speaker Coach
  • 7 months ago
Yaprak, I would love to help you with your keynote. What's the best way to connect? I can guarantee AMAZING. Thank you Liz for the shout out!!!
  • 7 months ago
Calling Kirby Winfield - is there a pitch coach you would recommend? Seems pretty similar
  • 7 months ago
Hey - sorry, I do not have one I would recommend.
  • 7 months ago
I worked with Andi O'Conor, she's great! You can find her at
Speaker Coach
  • 6 months ago
Zhenghua Yang was this for your Ted talk?
  • 7 months ago
  • 7 months ago

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