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Rebekah Bastian
5 months ago • Ballard
Looking for someone to build a fence
Seems like a good time to get that dog we've been thinking about, while we're all at home for a while :) And to do that, we need to build a fence around our yard, inside a hedge that we have lining it. Any recommendations for a local handy-person that would be up for that? (Preference for someone that could use the work while the city is shut down) Thanks!
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5 months ago
Hi Rebekah - we built a fence for that very reason. We built a hog wire fence (essentially a wooden frame with square metal grids that are 4' x 4' so that our dogs could look out into our back yard and watch the birds/squirrels. We used Jordan and yes, he is still working while the city is shut down. His company is called Jordan DeWilde Fence Company and his number is: (206) 795-4525. He's very reasonable.
  • 5 months ago
Thank you!
  • 5 months ago
I can recommend Dogwood Designs & Landscaping. Sam Hyde is the owner and does a great work. I already recommended them. They built a fence for us and did paving.
Landscaper - Fremont
  • 5 months ago
Thank you!
  • 5 months ago

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