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Marston Gould
6 months ago • Seward Park
Organic ant treatment?
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can provide an organic treatment for ants. As it gets warmer, we tend to get sugar/protein ants inside. That being said, I only use organics around my property. I have two dogs who will poke their heads anywhere and I plan on keeping bees (hive and boxes on their way) and don't want any harmful chemicals. I've tried using food grade diatomaceous earth - and that seems to work well outside, but not inside.
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6 months ago
Hey Marston Gould it looks like Parker Eco Pest Control has some good recommendations. I haven't used them, but they seem to be well liked.
Exterminator - Fremont
  • 6 months ago
I've tried organic solutions before with mixed results at best. The only one I haven't tried is the diatomaceous earth, but your report is not encouraging. At the moment we use borax. You can make the traps at home or buy at the store. It's not toxic or carcinogenic. Don't eat it, though. I try not to put a trap where my dog can reach.
  • 6 months ago
My challenge is that I keep bees and almost all of the chemical treatments are not bee friendly.
  • 6 months ago
Parkers coming by on Tuesday! Thanks
  • 6 months ago

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