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Buzz Bruggeman
6 months ago • Leschi
Photo printing
Has anyone had success getting say a photo off an iPhone if not professionally printed, but at least printed at a quality level that I could frame it and hang at my home? If there's a place in Seattle that does this kind of printing at a reasonable price with great customer service, I would love a "Recommendation"...
2 replies
6 months ago
Adam Doppelt recommended an online printing business yesterday in another conversation called Nations Photo Lab. Hope this helps.
  • 6 months ago
Yeah, I can talk a bit more about that. There are a bunch of services like this now, but I enjoyed using Nations Photo Lab. They offer a ton of options for getting prints of various sizes. Last time I ordered aluminum prints that were ready to hang... The prints arrived in a week or two. Not expensive (IMO) and look great on my walls.
  • 6 months ago

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