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Brooklyn Benjestorf
19 days ago • Seattle

Product for tethering a dog when there's nothing to tether it to?

My partner and I were recently enjoying some margaritas on the beach (rough life, I know), but there was no where to tie up our pup's leash. My partner just held the leash in his hand the whole time. Not *that* inconvenient, but like, it would have been better if he'd had both hands free (better to hold a taco than a leash!). Does anyone know of a product for solving this? I looked at the stakes you can get for backyard tie ups but they seemed kind of aggressive to whip out at a park and screw into public land. Help a girl (and her pup!) out!
5 replies
16 days ago
  • 19 days ago
Have you tried a waist leash? Might be called a hands free leash. No specific product recommendation, but our breeder uses these regularly. Maybe we'll pick one up for the new dog.
  • 19 days ago
Waist leashes are the way to go for this, unless your dog is strong enough to pull you down (or tip you over if you’re sitting) :).
  • 16 days ago
I have one of the screw tethers for camping and your right I don't bring those to parks. I too recommend the waist leash but we also have a long rope leash for these situations. My hack/tip is that I put the handle on my ankle so I'm hands free :)
  • 16 days ago
I always keep my basic leash hooked up with a carabiner AND a jumbo carabiner. That guarantees I can hook it to almost anything (like the leg of my chair).
  • 16 days ago

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