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Kim Tennican
11 days ago • Greenlake
recommendations for volvo auto service/repair?
I'm looking for local independent shops in the Green Lake/Roosevelt/Phinney/Ballard/Greenwood area like Larsons or All Volvo. Or has anyone tried Dealership is quoting $$950 to replace a mass airflow sensor that says they will do for $234 at my house.
2 replies
11 days ago
Hi Kim - I haven't used but I have recommended Wrench, which I think is a similar concept. Just this weekend, though, I had a car emergency. I ultimately took it to Ken at Village Auto near UVillage. He was very friendly and solved the problem quickly.
Tires - University District
Auto Mechanic - Belltown
  • 11 days ago
I would second Wrench for mobile service. They are a local startup. If you want a standard mechanic shop, Superior Auto on Leary is very good and trustworthy (although probably not the cheapest). If you have just one issue and you know what it is the mobile option is a good one.
Auto Mechanic - Ballard
Auto Mechanic - Belltown
  • 11 days ago

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