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about 3 years ago
I have used Wrench in the past when my car wouldn't start. Instead of me doing trial and error on the problem, running back and forth to the parts store the Wrench tech came and quickly resolved the issue. Great service.
John Sweeney Great info, thanks!
  • over 2 years ago
about 3 years ago
And during the pandemic, I think it's especially great because they come out to your house.
Bill Glenn I agree Shauna! Great company! Great people!
  • about 3 years ago
almost 4 years ago
Amazing on-demand auto mechanic. Saves time and money!
about 4 years ago
Mobile to my door service is incredible
about 4 years ago
Mobile mechanics that come to your home or work. Reputable guys, great service.
over 4 years ago
With three kids we couldn't ever find time to take our car to the shop. Wrench comes to you.
over 4 years ago
I love not having the take the car into the shop, being able to have all the work done in my driveway is a huge plus!
over 4 years ago
Used Wrench for the first time this weekend after giving up driving all the way to the dealership in Ballard, where I usually get service work done. Price was cheaper than the dealership and on-par with Jiffy Lube (this was for an oil/filter change). They had to reschedule my service from the time I requested, but they offered several alternatives and gave me a 10% discount. The mechanic was super nice and offered some helpful tips. Overall a very good experience.
Liz Pearce PS You can get $25 off your first service with this referral code: wrench.com/referral/UPSBQU Alicia Nakamoto
  • over 4 years ago
over 4 years ago
Having work done on your car at your house while you're getting other things is such a refreshing change. Better yet, you can book in advance on your phone and know when they'll be starting. Have used Wrench multiple times on multiple cars and highly recommend them.
over 4 years ago
Wrench has saved us the extreme hassle of spending 1/2 a day at the mechanic. Friendly, fast and honest. Also founded by a friend and Seattle based company which makes it even more fun to support!
over 4 years ago
Love the convenience and level of professionalism. The Wrench mechanics come on location, are experienced, transparent and efficient.
Liz Pearce I first heard of Wrench from your recommendation and used them the other day - so awesome to have the work done at home! I've been telling everyone about them since then. Thanks!
  • over 4 years ago
recommended by Jacob Colker

About Wrench

Wrench is a full service mobile shop servicing all types of cars and trucks . The Wrench mechanics will come to your driveway or parking spot and fix the problem. Tell them the problem and they will send you a fixed quote or come out and diagnose the problem.


  • Alternator Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Diagnostic Service.
  • Emissions Failure Repair
  • Ignition Coil Replacement
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Spark Plugs Replacement
  • Starter Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Water Pump Replacement

Towing and Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance typically includes flat-tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith service and much more. Wrench's roadside assistance is handy when you need a car tow.