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Jordan Cook
over 2 years ago • Atlanta

Scalp Treatment

Products for curly, thick, and ethnic hair please!
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over 2 years ago
I just saw review that might help!
see - Briogeo
over 2 years ago
Hi Jordan. I have multiple products for curly hair. My favorite ones are Cantu and Shea Moisture products, Olaplex and Briogeo moisturizer.
over 2 years ago
Raw shea butter (most african hair stores have it) I usually make a body/THICK hair butter using raw shea and coconut oil (can also add lavender, rosemary, or other growth-inducing oils). I usually heat the shea with a space heater or hair dryer (rather than a double boiler) b/c it doesn't melt all the way down, then add liquid coconut oil a little at a time and mix with an electric mixer. Should fluff up and have the texture of actual butter as it melts. I melt in my hand and apply to my hair overnight or if I'm not going anywhere. Has been super helpful in Denver where there is LITERALLY NO HUMIDITY
over 2 years ago