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about 1 month ago
When I learned about this hair product, I thought to myself... "its just another hair product promising unrealistic results". Then I tried it and it forever changed my hair. If you chemically treat your hair and use flat irons / curling irons, this product will keep your hair strong and beautiful.
Elissa Tompkins Olaplex has changed my hair! It has become so healthy since using the system and not washing my hair so often!
  • 29 days ago
Elexa Martinez Oh I have heard about this, it’s I think on sale on Sephora right now.
  • 29 days ago
Zoe Gregorace Love this stuff!
  • 27 days ago
Laura Wilkinson Also try the Olaplex shampoo No4... just used it today!
  • 27 days ago
about 2 months ago
The best product on the market right now for dry, brittle, over-processed hair. Worth every penny!
4 months ago
Even when I do put heat on my hair I feel safe when using this product!
Brittany Menestrina I should try this!! I'm always worried about heat on my curls!
  • 4 months ago
Joyce Ling I've heard of this! Definitely need to try it :)
  • 4 months ago
Karline Nogales My favorite product to bring my curls back to life.
  • 4 months ago
Elissa Tompkins Yes! This stuff is the best!
  • 4 months ago
Patricia Burnett is this good for curly hair too?
  • 4 months ago
5 months ago
I got blonde highlights, and as we know, chemicals damage our hair. So I decided to buy Olaplex to give it a try. I read the label instructions, applied the product to my hair, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, I washed it out and let my hair dry naturally. The result was AMAZING - A silky, smooth hair. This product is a miracle!
8 months ago
Olaplex!!! It's soooooo good. 64K reviews can't be wrong. :)
8 months ago
I'm a total believer in the Olaplex system - it's a game changer for your hair.
Natasha Willis I love the Olaplex system! Game changer is right
  • 8 months ago
Elissa Tompkins I have been wanting to try this out!
  • 8 months ago
Nadia L'Bahy I've been meaning to give this a try! Has anyone seen noticeable differences in hair health? My hair is very damaged and I've been looking for solutions!
  • 8 months ago
Allison H Yes! I’ve noticed a difference - I use the shampoo, conditioner, and the leave in product before I blow dry. My hair is soft and feels thicker.
  • 8 months ago
Zoe Gregorace Ooooo I've heard so much about this stuff-might have to try it out now!
  • 6 months ago
Liz Stella My hairdresser in the UK used this on my hair years ago and I agree, it's SO good!
  • 6 months ago
12 months ago
So when you decide after 4+ decades to go from a brunette to a blonde to see if they really do have more fun...the one downside is super dry hair. Use this stuff twice a month - leave it on about an hour and way, way better.
Allison H I haven't tried the #3 yet - as a new blond, I might have to give it a go!
  • 7 months ago
recommended by Katie Taylor


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