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Amy Woidtke
29 days ago • Northgate
Teeth Whitening Product?
What's your best teeth whitening product? Definitely not going to dentist right now unless emergency so just interested in products.

I have stains from iron in the water and drink coffee every day. 😁
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28 days ago
For what it’s worth, dental offices are about as safe a medical office as you can visit. At our office, we have individual operatories, air filtration systems, high powered suction to limit aerosols, and we fog each room. Our newest teeth whitening system is Kor Whitening, which is the priciest but gets the best results. We also have Sinsational Smile, which is a lot less expensive but can only whiten teeth to a certain degree. Feel free to look up Kor, or look up Brenner Dental Care on Instagram for recent Kor Whitening results. My husband (dentist) did it, and it made a huge difference. He’s a coffee drinker, too.
Dentist - Queen Anne
Teeth Whitening
  • 29 days ago
Cheryl- Thank you so much for your recommendation. My partner has a sensitive system so we are refraining from being anywhere with anyone for extended periods of time. We would rather be over cautious than not until there is a reliable vaccine.

Now, if i can take a kit home, Im happy to do that 😉
  • 29 days ago
Totally understand! I know we have take home kits, but they are typically for patients after they get a whitening treatment. I will ask and get back to you!
  • 29 days ago
Thank you Cheryl! I would so appreciate that. 😁
  • 29 days ago
I asked, and I was told by the dentist (aka husband) that for professional whitening, an exam is necessary first. There are take-home kits after that, but you’d have to schedule an appointment first. Sorry I couldn’t come through with a good answer!
  • 29 days ago
Thank you for checking!
  • 28 days ago

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