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Cindy Sersig
over 2 years ago • Phoenix


My 6 year old is turning 7 this month and for months he's been asking for a Verizon Gizmo watch that his big brother has. Well, there's no need for him to have one of those because he will not be in a situation where he would have to call me for anything since he's not in public school or goes anywhere without me. But I'd like to get him a decent watch that tracks his steps and other stats that he'd enjoy. I don't want to pay a lot because I don't know how long he will actually wear it. So I'm looking for a starter step tracker watch on the cheaper end.
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over 2 years ago
We started our daughter off with one of the Vtech watches. She was able to take pictures with it, which she loved! She now has a basic FitBit because she wanted to be like mommy/daddy. She really likes the fitbit.
over 2 years ago
My son has the Very Pro-Fit. Pretty basic. Step counting, active minutes, time, and a few other things. He doesn't remember to wear it everyday, but he has had it for over a year, and it still going strong. I do have to have the app on my phone as he doesn't have a phone, however it updates very quickly.
over 2 years ago