Best Bellevue Beauty Pros

  • 306 105th Ave NE, Bellevue
    Chris Manderino - Julie is amazing. I don't even say "this is what I want". I just walk in and say I'm feeling like XYZ and she creates a masterpiece that fits my lifestyle.
    Rebekah Vicknair Metteer - Amazing talent!
    recommended by Ryan Porter
  • 10713 Main St, Bellevue
    Tom Murphy - Bellevue. I use Bill, Torrance, Sammy (lady), and Renato. My 23 yo son likes Sang. Now that you can make reservations on-line, all the better.
    recommended by Phil Bogle
  • 700 110th Ave NE 290, Bellevue
    Kim Preston - Jason is a master at his craft and if you are his customer, you will never want to change. Jason is at the Bellevue location.
    Adam Schoenfeld - I highly recommend Jack in the men's salon.
    Raquel Hirai-Hadley - Robin is an amazing hair stylist.
    recommended by Mindy Blakelsee
  • 4038 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue
    Deb Escher - I love Jimmy, Tony and the whole team at Stop 4 Nails. The atmosphere is laid back and fun, and they do a great job with my nails and nail art. I found them when looking for an LGBTQ-owned nail salon to support during pride month, and I found Jimmy and the team. They're really safe during covid and also did some recent updates to the salon, including adding plexi protrctors to nail stations. They do a great job with special designs like cat-eye and hand painted nail art.
    recommended by Amy Bencke
  • 2320 130th Ave NE Bldg E, Ste 120, Bellevue
    manae motoi - I came for the minifx for my chin and neck area. This medusa is beautiful and clean and the staff are super nice. I had work done by Tiana, I would recommend this place as they offer solutions that they stand behind and would do themselves as well. Their prices are competitive and the results are efficient. The minifx totally did not hurt, it just felt like a small vacuum suction on my neck area. Excited to continue my progress, and super thankful for this place!
    recommended by Newcastle Life
  • 1504 145th Pl SE 3, Bellevue
    Eyelashes Manicure Pedicure Waxing
    Sunny Clontz - Talented staff with great covid precautions in place. Feel extra pampered in this newly renovated salon with plush pedicure chairs as you sip a glass of wine or hot tea. Every time I have been to this salon over the last 19months, I've been thrilled with how beautiful my nails are.
    Diane VonPapp - I love this place. They got me in at the last minute and John did a perfect job fixing my nails from a previous salon that I went to that had my nails broken and polish in chips. They are super nice and friendly and professionals. I would recommend this place to all. Its being remodeled so things are in a bit of disarray but only temporary. Love this place!
    recommended by Erica Hill
  • Dan Sundgren - For men's haircuts she is absolutely the best ever and while she has a salon she can come to your office too!
    recommended by James Cunningham, Vishak G
  • 15920 NE 8th St 6, Bellevue
    Ambika Singh - The salon is always super efficient, and Tuy blow dries like a boss.They also do nails so you can get your nails done while you’re sitting in the dye, which blows my mind.
  • 1811 130th Ave NE, Bellevue
    Anne Gravrock - LOVE. Kelly Cardona for color. Kimmie Muschett for cut.
    recommended by Margot Squier
  • 13238 NE 20th St 300, Bellevue
    Diane Lansinger - Personable staff, clean and bright, talented stylists. Elyze and Larry are my favorites!