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Chelsia Andreassen
1 day ago • Ballard
Can anyone recommend a responsible and trustworthy cat sitter that can stay at your house?
4 replies
1 day ago
Chelsia Andreassen @kristy please email it to me! You're the best!
Liz Pearce My dog sitter Jenny also does cat sitting - normally Cash goes to stay with her, but she also does in-home pet sitting. Cash LOVES Jenny , she's great.
Chelsia Andreassen Thank you, Liz!
Chinar Bopshetty
3 days ago • Bellevue
We’ve bought a 38 year old home that could do with minor updates and where possible I am keen to upcycle and reuse materials vs. throwing stuff awa...
5 replies
2 days ago
Liz Pearce Thanks for the extra info. This is a surprisingly tough recommendation to find! I did find one person, Vidal Bitton, who does a number of upcycling projects, but most are more along the lines of furniture built from reclaimed materials. He might be a good person to chat with, though -- his # is 206-571-5896. Our team will keep looking, though... there has to be someone out there who does this.
Chinar Bopshetty Thanks so much @Lizprc , this is helpful already. I have a feeling that I’ll need to work with someone who does other upcycling projects and is open to projects of the kind I need help with. I’ll connect with Vidal. If you find others like him, send their contacts my way.
Amy Woidtke I would check out @seriouslyhappyhomes @saraeizen and @atmosphericdesign - they have all done a variety of design and work with what clients have as well as fill in the blanks.
Monica Huntsberry
3 days ago • Woodinville
We are looking for an organization to donate a large L-shaped sofa in good condition, that is able to pick up on the East Side. Appreciate any reco...
7 replies
3 days ago
Omar Shahine We use College Hunk Junk removal twice now. It’s expensive but it’s also gone from our house !!!
Monica Huntsberry Thank you Omar!
Amy Woidtke Tao is awesome - hes my go to guy for clients however he can only find a new home if the charities are taking them. Grab some pics and measurements and put it on Facebook marketplace? Maybe Tao or one of my move crew would do pick up and delivery. If you bag it up for a week or longer before delivery, then it has awhile for germs to die and no new germs can get on it? Sofa bags sell at UHaul.
Melinda Lane
6 days ago • Madison Park
Our window is misaligned somehow and now it will not close. Brrr! Know anyone who can fix something like this?
4 replies
5 days ago
Melinda Lane No, Michael’s place on Cap Hill.
Amy Woidtke Sounds like a job for a handyperson? @fixitsisters ?
Liz Pearce Another option is @sdossick's Capitol Hill Handyman, or @amd's John Gasser.
Carol Butler
6 days ago • Capitol Hill
I have multiple prints and photos that need to be arranged and hung throughout my home which has 3 floors. I also don't have the correct "stuff" ne...
2 replies
2 days ago
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia You might try Tim at Atomic Art Services - he's great.
Kim OReilly Interior Designer Capitol Hill handyman

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