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Hello, Fresh Chalkers - has anyone here worked with a lighting designer before? The indoor lights in my house are awful, and I'm hoping to find som...
3 replies
Last reply about 6 hours ago
Tom Laramee It really begs the question: why isn't Seattle the "indoor lighting capital of the world"? a title we might share with say, London, or Swansea.
Sara Eizen YES! Of course I have a name for you :) Gwen Demombynes with Moonbeam Lighting
Laura F Ha ha, I was going to say that @SaraEizen might be able to help you :) She recommended some lighting improvements to us that worked for us.
Looking for a handyman to help assemble an exercise bike in the Seattle area
1 reply
Last reply about 7 hours ago
Meredith Fife Hi Xenia, here is a link to an earlier conversation that surrounded handyman in the Seattle area. Hope this helps.
Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks
11 replies
Last reply about 1 hour ago
XENIA CHILKOWICH I know a photographer who has done head shots for adult actors. Kate Baldwin Photography
Carl Haynes I came to post the exact same question (have a 12 year old who needs headshots for acting submissions). Please let us know who you went with and how you liked the results.
Aileen McGraw While not headshot specific, I absolutely LOVE Sparkfly Photography - they specialize in kids photography and headshots, so I bet a combo would work wonderfully! Dan and Stacia are just amazing humans as well.
I would like to replace my zonal electric heaters with a mini split or something else more efficient/ user friendly. What recommendations do you ha...
3 replies
Last reply about 5 hours ago
Mia Pelt Integrity Energy Systems!
Adam Doppelt I had good luck with Blue Flame, which put a ductless mini-split into our attic a couple of years ago. There were some bumps during the install, but they got the job done and the system works great. How did we ever live without AC in those rooms? Excellent customer service too.
Robert Crimmins I cannot say enough about Corey Tolmich from GFR Heating and Cooling. He advised us on heating options for our remodel and was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He's not old but he's old school. I worked in the trades when I was young and met guys like him from time to time. Total pro, seen it all, done it all, and it probably still all works. I sort of almost want to do something new with our HVAC just so I can work with him again. I'm gonna add him as a Chalk-pro right now.
Hello! Can anyone recommend a company that can clean/unclog gutters and remove moss from a roof?
4 replies
Last reply 4 days ago
Kari O'Driscoll Love Capitol Cleaning. Can't say enough about how great they are with regard to price, results, and responsiveness. I've been using them for years for all sorts of things.
Adam Doppelt @Karilod - they do gutters and roofs? I might need this too
Kari O'Driscoll They do! They're pretty full-service

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