6 Best Denver Nonprofits

  • Denver, CO • Civic Center
    Mandi Pacer - The Positive Change Movement ran by Elizabeth Denny has shifted from a nonprofit to a now grassroots volunteer organization which connects people with a plethora of volunteer opportunities, service projects and other ways to make their community a better place. She evokes all things philanthropic that our state needs to shift our thinking and give back whenever we can!
  • 333 W Bayaud Ave, Denver • Baker
    Mandi Pacer - I worked as a marketing intern for Bayaud Enterprises after receiving my BS in marketing from CU Denver. What an experience it was! This nonprofit organization is centered around offering vocational services for underserved, disable and veterans. Think job seeking, interviewing, placement and follow up. They have been around for over 100 years and offer many other distinct services to the community such as secure paper and document destroying. There is a very welcoming atmosphere here and I enjoyed my time with them!
  • 2105 Decatur St, Denver • Jefferson Park
    Mandi Pacer - I've helped host and manage a few large-scale events here for non profits and other business type conferences. The space is versatile and comes fully equipped for any sort of AV/Wifi setup needed. The onsite coordinators are always prompt, professional, and pleasant to work with!
  • 12035 N Piney Lake Rd, Parker, CO 8
    Mandi Pacer - This organization helps women battling and the survivors of Breast Cancer through the use of animal therapy. One of my very dear friends who has battled breast cancer 3 times over the course of 27 years has gone through this program twice and it has helped her immensely with her healing and progress forward. The owner and her staff utilize Reiki methods on the horses prior to each retreat.
  • Mandi Pacer - What can I say about these wonderful, heart of gold folks who are keen on spreading greater breast cancer awareness through their amazing organization efforts. They offer fly fishing retreats for women at any point of their battle and healing journey after fighting. One of my dear friends who is a 3x breast cancer survivor has participated in their program once before and sings their praises!
  • 191 Yuma St, Denver • Valverde
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