10 Best Denver Thrift Stores

  • 1515 S Broadway, Denver
    Anja Castillo - The one on W Colfax has the best VHS selection as well as unique furniture pieces. Vintage knicknacks in an abundance as well!
    Lexi Wilson - Arc is amazing for a number of reasons; from employing and supporting workers with developmental disabilities, to holding an epic 50% off everything sale every Saturday. Arc is Colorado's largest chain of thrift stores with over 30 locations in the state.
  • 2085 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver • Civic Center
    Mandi Pacer - Not to be overlooked, even for the area it's in! I stepped inside a giant almost warehouse size of secondhand goods and thrift treasures and discovered that everyday they have additional discounts on certain color tags. I bought 6 pairs of pants for $60, not too shabby!
    Lexi Wilson - Mile High Thrift has a huge selection to browse! If you put in the time, you are sure to find something good to take home. The prices are reasonable and the selection is always rotating.
  • 21 S Broadway, Denver • Baker
    Anja Castillo - TL;DR: wonderful shopping experiences with a wonderful team of happy employees who enjoy what they do

    Getting better and better! The staff is the best it's ever been. So many wonderful folks. Special thanks to Angel, Luke, Rudy, and Cameron without whom my new dope tarot trunk couldn't have existed. Ángelle is also super sweet and always makes a person feel like a really SEEN human being--really lovely person! Even the demeanor of the customers send to have improved over the years (for the most part--met 1 horrid hag but won't waste the screen space). Love this place--can definitely tell this is a real TEAM of folks who love what they do! Really sweet deals--esp if you shop the sale tags. Great Goodwill for unique women's clothing jewelry and shoes, stainless cookware, and random things that you are trying to manifest into your life (focus for 48hrs--it'll be there if you aren't OVERLY specific, like some commerce version of the Room of Requirements. Anyways, I digress--wonderful shopping experiences with a wonderful team of happy employees who enjoy what they do
  • 21 S Broadway, Denver
    Lexi Wilson - Not only do we have the amazing per pound shopping Goodwill offers in Denver, we also have several really great regular Goodwill stores. The broadway location is a really good stop; with clothing and home goods on the first floor, and furniture in the basement. The prices are great, and I always leave with something!
  • 161 W County Line Rd, Littleton
    Mandi Pacer - Naturally being located in an affluent neighborhood you can find some really good deals on high end items including clothing, home decor and furniture.
  • 51 Broadway, Denver • Speer
    Anja Castillo - Awesome unique clothing and really great staff. Paul is super kind-hearted and made my day when we went. Will definitely be back because of such great service. Thank you guys!!!
  • 5892 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge
    Lexi Wilson - A cute little thrift shop right outside of town with plenty of clothing, home goods, and jewelry to choose from. Treasure Trunk directly supports programs benefiting those experiencing homelessness, as well as helping victims of domestic violence, and child abuse. A unique thrift shop I rarely leave empty handed.
  • 5000 Leetsdale Dr, Denver • Washington Virginia Vale
    Anja Castillo - They always have a TON of great high-end or vintage women's clothes and I've even found a 1950s pair of sailor-button front high-waisted white shorts there once! Seriously though, the racks are usually packed completely full which can be a challenge to rummage through, but if you've got time and a strong arm (for all the clothes you'll buy, haha), I highly recommend giving them a try. 1st Saturdays of the month most of the store is 1/2 off!
  • 4890 N Pecos St, Denver • Civic Center
    Lexi Wilson - Donating and shopping at Peak directly supports their efforts with Denver youth experiencing homelessness. They really do some amazing work in the city of Denver. I have found some real gems here!
  • 4355 Kearney St, Denver
    Lexi Wilson - Denver is lucky enough to have several locations of Goodwill’s Outlet stores. Items are brought out in large bins and sold by the pound. Certainly different than your average thrift shop, this experience is worth a try. Makes thrifting feel like even more of a treasure hunt!