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Looking for a non toxic carpet cleaner.
3 replies
Last reply 5 months ago
Liz Pearce My friend @KaraM's company likes Emmanuel's!
Adam Doppelt I'd try Pure Clean. People love 'em and being non-toxic is a big part of their message.
Kristy Royce thanks
Anyone have a good electrician on Bainbridge Island they can recommend? We have a house that needs a bunch of wiring redone and a setup for a gener...
2 replies
Last reply 5 months ago
Adam Doppelt Strangely, I was meeting a friend on Bainbridge Island yesterday and I asked if they knew any great electricians. He said "why yes, I do!" and pointed me at These guys wired up his office and apparently did a nice job.
Ron Zanetti Thank Adam! We'll contact them right away!
I need an exterior house painter, who's willing to come to Mt Baker. Tips please?
5 replies
Last reply 5 months ago
Steven A. Chayer Queen Anne will travel to your neighborhood and they are an excellent long-time Seattle painting firm. I was in the business for 40 years and I respected the work they did.
Carolyn Gracz We used Very reasonably priced, attentive and professional. It’s been about 5 years and the paint job is holding up great.
Omar Shahine +1 for Queen Anne painting. Also Shearer Painting ( did our house a few years ago.
I need a large print re-framed, preferably in Belltown. Any recs?
4 replies
Last reply 4 months ago
Adam Doppelt I used to go to Queen Anne Museum Quality Framing back when I worked up there. Not too far from Belltown. Quality work and they have great reviews online.
Matthew When I lived in Belltown, I only went to Innervisions in the U District. Yes, it's a tiny bit out of the way, but you'll thank yourself later. Anne and the crew are wonderful. It got to the point where I would just drop something off and let them decide on the frame. Reasonably priced, and high quality.
Carolyn Gracz I have heard of two places artist friends of mine use regularly. One is Plasteel Frames on 1st Ave South, and the other is Dick Blick framing services on Capitol Hill. Blick often has framing services sales too, so it may be more reasonably priced. I have seen both results and they look great, although I've never used either personally.
I need a handyman who works in West Seattle. We just moved back into our house after a major remodel, and we're remodeling our garage. Lots of smal...
3 replies
Last reply 4 months ago
Ron Zanetti Check out these guys:
Chris Manderino jAS design build has handyman I used one in West Seattle and it was cheap and awesome
Adam Doppelt Also see this epic post -