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10 Best Seattle Concrete Contractors

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Jana Kleitsch
17 days ago • Seattle
Hi, I’m looking for a quote for stamped concrete for a driveway and small patio area. Does anyone have a recommendation?
4 replies
17 days ago
Jana Kleitsch Thanks @Lizprc (and the Fresh Chalk community!) Thankful for this resource.
Stuart Marshall If you would be interested in a unique solution you could talk to Rob Leonard at Mathscaper about an artistic concrete form. See
I think they started out doing engraved wood for tables, but Rob told me recently that they are making some concrete forms too.
Jana Kleitsch Thanks @stuart_marshall . That is the most beautiful concrete I have ever seen! I might reach out to them to see what kind of forms they are making. My driveway doesn't seem worthy though. lol
Jeff Gibb
2 months ago • Wallingford
We are looking to replace a 4 ft tall retaining wall with smooth concrete and front stairs/walkway leading up to our door.
3 replies
about 2 months ago
GWEN DEMOMBYNES John Knowles of Knowles Construction did our concrete work In Wallingford, as well as concrete work on several landscape projects I’ve worked on. Loads of experience and expertise. (206) 713-6093
Meredith Fife Hi Jeff, Try Juxtapose Design Build, they do exactly that. I would also try Ironwood Tree, they have some great recommendations on Fresh Chalk and deal with retaining walls and stairs. Hope this helps!
Laura F I had a great experience with Chris Waters and have recommended him to others. I know he has experience with front steps and retaining walls.
Alvin Loh
2 months ago • Kirkland
Does anyone have a recommendation for some folks who have experience with concrete resurfacing or new concrete?
5 replies
2 months ago
Alvin Loh Sweet! Thanks Meredith!
Troy Dennis @Alvin what is the nature of your project? I ask b/c we have some concrete (stained) pavers that need some repair work and we also have interest in resurfacing our walkway and driveway. Casually looking for professionals...
Alvin Loh Hey Troy. I have a concrete pad and concrete walkway on my property that are really old that have cracked and sagged and I want to fix them up now. Resurfacing seems possible but I don’t know for sure if it is a short term fix vs just removing it and then fixing it by laying down new concrete.
Marston Gould
4 months ago • Seward Park
Hi folks. We are in the unenviable position of having to sue our neighbors for the damage done to our property for their unconstrained bamboo. I've...
10 replies
4 months ago
Adam Doppelt What's your estimate of the total damage? This sounds like a complete nightmare
Marston Gould @amd / $35-40k yet to go. Similar already spent. When we moved in we found ryzomes in the main pipe to sewer.
Adam Doppelt That is unbelievable. So frustrating. My guy can probably help with the patio if you know what you want, as long as it doesn't involve pouring concrete. Are you looking for patio design, or just rebuilding the same patio?
Gina Tran
4 months ago • Lake City
Does anyone know good contractors that remove concrete? Needing to re-do a LOT of the previous owner's work.
2 replies
4 months ago
Liz Pearce I just stumbled on a recommendation from @bcarr for 1-866-SLABJACK. Looks like they are able to do concrete lifting and repair so it doesn't all have to be trashed? Might be worth a look.
Meredith Fife Northwest Rock and Concrete Demolition has some good reviews on my neighborhood page. We have a lot of people in our neighborhood who have tree roots damage their concrete and this seems to be the go to. Good luck!
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