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Best Seattle Home Pros

  • 1. Ridwell
    Liz Pearce - We just signed up for Ridwell and are so excited about it. The kids are even getting involved! I love not feeling guilty about disposing of plastic film, batteries, and more the wrong way. Phew.
    Adam Doppelt - Great way to responsibly recycle old batteries, build and those guilt-inducing styrofoam blocks. Local business, just getting started.
    Omar Shahine - Recently signed up and have already had two pickups. The plastic and threads bag is always full and Iove the rotating categories like back to school supplies, non perishable food etc.
  • 4411 Leary Way NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Liz Pearce - No fuss, great work.
    Omar Shahine - They clean our carpets every year and do a good job.
    Sara Eizen - This is just who you go to for carpet cleaning!
  • 1476 Elliott Ave W, Seattle • Interbay
    Adam Doppelt - I spent so much money here. Many times. Great service including delivery. Oh, and the warehouse sale is actually fun. I just need to show some restraint when faced with all that chrome.
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - we get all of our appliances here - recommend!
    Omar Shahine - Fantastic appliance company.
    recommended by Carl Haynes, Piragash, Ben Shorr
  • 7025 38th Ave NE, Seattle • Wedgwood
    Lindsay Pedersen - Sara is friendly and easygoing, and is particularly good at helping small spaces feel open and organized.
    Kirby Winfield - Sara knows how to get things ship shape in a hurry!
    Jessica M Shapiro - Sara is fabulous! She helps make spaces for useful and organized. She's really creative and and what to do to solve any design challenges. She's also a kind and fun person, so it's great to work with her.
  • 7116 220th St SW 1, Mountlake Terrace
    Liz Pearce - They did a solid job installing central air in my home. The post-install inspection process was a bit of a mess (unclear what was happening when and if someone needed to be home) but otherwise good work.
    Adam Doppelt - They did a nice job with my attic AC install. There were bumps along the way, but they fixed the problems quickly and threw in some free maintenance to smooth things over. Clearly they care about the customer.
    Kirby Winfield - Prompt response to water heater issue/questions on a Sunday morning. Gave a quote for a new heater via text message Sunday afternoon. Installed beautifully Tuesday!
    recommended by Katie Zejdlik, Carly Kiser
  • 9701 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Crown Hill
    Adam Doppelt - My family loves Swansons and we go there several times a year. They put on a great show for the kids. Before Halloween we bring the kids for the little hay maze. During the holidays we visit for Curly the camel, the reindeer, Santa, and the train set. It has a special place in our family history due to all the photos we've taken. Fun!
    Laura - Fantastic professionals. I've come here with sad little plant leaves trying to diagnose what the heck is going on with my plants. The team is super helpful at figuring out the problem and giving me reasonable solutions. Don't forget their #askswanson Twitter hashtag so you can ask questions via Twitter.
    Carly Kiser - Incredibly knowledgable and helpful on all things from questions to garden inspiration. Their cafe and gift shop are wonderful, and a great place to visit. We are there almost every weekend with our small children!
    recommended by Maria Hess, Jessica Eggert
  • Liz Pearce - I just started working with Kelly based on the recommendation from @SaraEizen. She's been helping me get my new house in working order and it seems like she can do it all. She's super friendly and flexible and has already saved me lots of headaches. Highly recommended!
    Sara Eizen - Who says a handyman has to be a man? The Fixit Sisters are GREAT handywoman!!!
    Ben Shorr - High quality work. Thoughtful and responsible - and really sisters!
  • 4200 24th Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Omar Shahine - These guys are simply fantastic. They are also very expensive but worth every $. Their attention to detail, follow-up and desire to get it right are amazing. When anything is a miss they correct it in the moment. They provide daily written reports of their work and a final check through. Fantastic employees.
    Tom Laramee - Alejandro is the horse whisperer of wall prep for painting. He's incredibly skilled and dedicated to his craft. If you have a gig that you really, really want done well, these guys can help.
    Stephen Nash - Wonderful experience with Queen Anne. Very happy with results!
    recommended by OC FLooring, Ryan Metzger
  • 3600 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle • Wallingford
    Adam Doppelt - Finally JAS started offering handyman services. A real lifesaver. Organized and reasonably priced. Nice work.
    Chris Manderino - Great job fixing some cabinetry, my grill and some touch up stain work on my deck. I’ll definitely use them again.
    Bill Carr - They aren’t cheap, but their work is high quality and they won’t exceed their budgets. Great design capabilities too.
    recommended by Kyle Rolfe, Piragash
  • 918 E John St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Omar Shahine - have used them a few times now to re-key our home or key a lock.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - They've rescued me a few times after locking myself out. They've also changed the locks on my condo after each tenant. I definitely recommend these guys.
    Lora Shahine - They have helped us change locks. Great service


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right home pro? Ask your friends.
Our kids are interested in piano. Where should we start looking at renting or buying a digital piano or the real deal?
3 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Chris Manderino Rock Jam $130 on amazon until you know they’ll stick with it. My 10 year old has been using for two years and his instructor says it is still just fine.
Adam Doppelt Agree with that. Full sized keyboard is way cheaper, not to mention more fun for beginners.
Steven A. Chayer Chris and Adam have the right idea :)
Who are my best choices for all the home A/V, automation and networking projects I have piling up? I want to set up a new home theater, and I have ...
5 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Diana Chamberlain I can introduce you to Rose Media Inc! Really great peeps.
Adam Doppelt Big thumbs up for Wipliance. Really appreciated the attention to detail as they modified my drywall, electrical, etc. You'll save money if you supply your own equipment... Example - buy your own wall mount based on Amazon reviews instead of letting the home automation people pick one out.
Newcastle Life Eastside Audio Video is great. Check them out!
I need to replace my very unreliable electric gate system at our house. Any suggestions?
3 replies
Last reply 3 days ago
Adam Doppelt Is this a car gate, or a gate for people? Those car gates are so flaky. Electrical, the sensor, balancing the gate upright... We had one at our old house that never worked right. I eventually forced it open and let it rot.
Stuart Nagae Hi Adam. Yes, it is a flaky car gate.
Liz Pearce Marnie White (a landscape architect recommended by @jennifer) suggested Automated Gates and Equipment.
Our backyard oasis has been cut out to a view of a honey bucket and substation. Recommendations for an arborist or landscaper or just the right tal...
5 replies
Last reply 5 days ago
Liz Pearce I asked this same question a few months back and got some good responses....
Leo Montagne Hi Kristen, sorry for the delayed response! I own Ecomimicry Designs and would be happy to give you an estimate if you are still in need of help.
amy pennington pleached hornbeam trees - no landscaper needed. They are elegant and fast growing - google an image
Looking for a vacuum cleaner repair provider who can clean and unclog a vacuum without sucking all the cash out of my pocket.
2 replies
Last reply about 20 hours ago
Meredith Fife Hi Steve, My friend recommends Roosevelt Vacuum Center. She says they are reasonably priced. I need to take my vacuum in as well and this was the recommendation she gave me. Hope this helps.
Susan Stocker City Vacuum in Shoreline/Edmonds -- George runs the shop over there and he is fantastic! He is honest, fairly priced, and won't rip you off. He has been fixing our company Mieles for years, and, whenever he can, he will provide more affordable fixes vs. replacing an entire part of a vacuum (which is also much more eco-friendly). He is much more about customer service, happiness, and gaining customers for life rather than just making $.