10 Best Seattle Garage Door Service

  • 11805 Ambaum Blvd SW 4, Seattle
    Leslie Feinzaig - In 30 minutes he diagnosed, repaired and did overall maintenance on my garage door - super affordable and quick service. I wish all home repairs were this easy!
    Lisa Mesplay - I found Dan's Garage Door Services thanks to the lovely people here on Fresh Chalk who took the time to make a recommendation. We have an older 1968 house with two bone-ugly wooden garage doors, the solid kind that swing up, and the mechanisms were old and so loud. We finally decided to replace them because now we need to move a taller vehicle into the garage. I didn't even mess around with other service providers to get quotes - the recommendations below sold me. Dan came out to give us a quote and he was every bit as kind and helpful as everybody said. He listened very attentively and understood that it was critical that we have enough clearance afterward for a taller vehicle. He offered some creative solutions to make absolutely certain it would work for us. Originally the installation was scheduled for late February/early March, but he was able to move our date up a few weeks, which we greatly appreciated. The doors look fantastic, and I'm sure our neighbors will be as grateful as we are, since they're the ones who have to look at the house all day.

    I can't say how the cost would compare to other vendors, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anybody nicer or more customer-oriented than Dan and his crew.
    Amy McCullough - Dan was very thoughtful and friendly to work with. We tried a few options to our garage door puzzle before we landed on the right one. He was super busy so the job took a little longer than anticipated but very good work and service and would definitely recommend and call him again!
  • 20728 56th Ave W, Lynnwood
    Omar Shahine - Our garage spring broke, they came out and replaced it and made some suggestions on other things we could do - which we did.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 14701 15th Ave NE, Shoreline
    Tom Laramee - I hired Cressy to design/install a new brushed aluminum garage door and it's absolutely lovely and fits seamlessly with the overall design motif of the overall house.
    recommended by Newcastle Life
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  • 12708 Northup Way, Suite 20 Bellevue, WA 9800
    Martina Welkhoff - Very responsive and cost effective.
    recommended by Trevor Shaw
  • 13222 SE 234th St, Kent
    Melinda Torres - They did a great job on our garage in 2017. We've been very happy with the cabinets, racks, and epoxy floor.
  • 20222 56th Ave W, Lynnwood
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  • 1809 130th Ave NE 118, Bellevue
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  • 4217 SW Seattle St, Seattle • West Seattle
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  • 5910 51st Ave S, Seattle
    Aaron Perrine - Eldad, who is the owner, is both super responsive and super skilled. He has trained a couple other guys now who also seem really good. From just programming a car-based homelink system to 'work right' to fixing springs and replacing openers, this is who I would call.