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3 Best Seattle Personal Chefs

  • 1401 NE 42nd St, Seattle • Downtown
    recommended by Marie Mills
  • Amy Woidtke - Lesa can meet anyone's needs. She is great.
  • Susan Stocker - Chef Bobby is wonderful! He comes twice a week and prepares all of my meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He not only does gourmet (he can do your dinner parties, too!), but he can create simple, healthy, fresh meals, too (like he does for me!). His smoothies are the best I've tasted, the way he delicately flavors without tons of butter is impressive, and his menus are interesting and thoughtful and never boring. Highly recommend!

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Ruby Rayne
5 months ago • Lynnwood
In need of a personal chef who can help us create affordable, delicious, and nutritious meals weekly. Someone who is great with chicken liver, lamb...
2 replies
5 months ago
Amy Woidtke Lesa can meet your needs. You are right in her wheelhouse.

Lesa Cooks
Adam Doppelt Hey Ruby. By a strange coincidence I spent several hours last week looking into this same question. We are swamped too, busy parents with a busy family...

Most of the personal chefs I looked up have paused due to the lockdown. There's a natural hesitancy to work in other people's homes. I think some are transitioning to delivery, though that's a different setup and it may take some time. Not sure about Lesa, I meant to call but got sidetracked.

On the other hand, dedicated food delivery businesses are up and running. We are trying out a few as we speak. It's not quite what we were looking for but it might be the best option for 2020.
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