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Best Seattle Special Occasion Pros

  • 2124 2nd Ave, Seattle • Belltown
    Liz Pearce - I'm addicted to escape rooms now, thanks to them.
    Patrick O'Donnell - We did this as a team building activity for our company and it was a blast. Really good production values, and challenging puzzles.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - We had a big group of 7 folks and I was surprised by the amount of puzzles and rooms we had access to. Had a great time!
    recommended by David DeCarmine, Adam Doppelt
  • 1818 E Madison St Suite D, Seattle
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - they do beautiful arrangements
    Omar Shahine - They do some really special work and offer a very personal touch.
    recommended by Matthew Berk, Dan Barrett
  • Omar Shahine - Incredible kids photographer. Has been photographing our kids and family for 7 years.
    Douglas Pearce - Libby is a long time and much beloved photographer of events in our community. She uploads her photos to a website that is great for sharing the photos with your friends and family.
    Lora Shahine - Amazing with kids!
    recommended by Melinda Torres
  • 4216 6th Ave NW, Seattle
    Jennifer Haller - Used them for our company holiday party - easy to work with and delicious food!
    Ali White MacBeth - I have used Cameron Catering a few times and each time the food is beautiful and delicious. I like that I can pick up the dishes and return them the next day when I have a party and don’t want to cook. I highly recommend them!
    Flora Ku - I've worked with Cameron Catering for several years and they've always delivered! Loved working with Suzanne and Amy M.!
    recommended by Gail Borod Giacobbe
  • Sara Eizen - Shannon is amazing! Shannon has an incredible eye for catching special moments, is super friendly, great at engaging with kids during a photo shoot (adults too) and has such gentle manner about her that relaxes even the most uptight person. Shannon creates beautiful photographic memories that will last a lifetime.
    Adam Tratt - Shannon is an amazing photographer with an artistic eye and lovely disposition. Highly recommended.
    Cassie Walker Johnson - Shannon has captured our family both personally and professionally for several years. With a husband who detests getting photos taken, she truly can charm him to smile genuinely. But the way she captures our true personalities is bar none. Book her immediately!
    recommended by Christine Clark, Deb Rappaport
  • 600 2nd Ave, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Liz Pearce - The folks at Seattle Florists went to great lengths to make a delivery even in a hard-to-access building, and were super friendly in the process. The flowers were gorgeous, too!
    John Magliery - Great service.
    recommended by Adriane
  • 300 Occidental Ave S, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Surprised my best bud with flowers for her birthday from here. They have a few already-made bouquets or you can work with the florist to come up with a custom arrangement. While they're a bit pricey, the flower selection is unique and has more of a variety than other places.
    Kim Rachmeler - Did a bouquet for me that looked like a Renaissance still life -- gorgeous!
  • 309 S Cloverdale St b3, Seattle • South Park
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - alissa has amazing chefs and takes her work very seriously
    Flora Ku - Great options, easy checkout, on time delivery!
    Sondre S - Seattle's top caterer. Weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, Gourmondo does it all!
  • 3400 Phinney Ave N, Seattle
    Tom Laramee - Located in Fremont center, Theo Chocolate has been producing an amazing array of chocolate-based treats for many years now (and you can sign up to tour their factory). They make a stunning/custom replica of both a Snickers Bar[TM] and a Butterfinger[TM].
  • 128 Boylston Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Great event space for concerts, corporate events and even weddings.
    recommended by David DeCarmine


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right special occasion pro? Ask your friends.
Hello everyone!! Looking for some recommendations for wedding dress shopping for a friend! Anywhere from Bellevue to Tacoma! Thanks!
2 replies
Last reply 11 days ago
Kristy Morrison I highly recommend Romashka Bridal. It's a little bit of a drive north to Everett, but so worth it. Their selection is MASSIVE and they do customizations and alterations in house. The location isn't elegant, and their building isn't fancy but their dresses are GORGEOUS and they offer a really impressive range of sizes to try on.
Jenny Vaughan Amazing! Thanks so much!! I’ll look them up!
Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks
13 replies
Last reply 18 days ago
Aileen McGraw While not headshot specific, I absolutely LOVE Sparkfly Photography - they specialize in kids photography and headshots, so I bet a combo would work wonderfully! Dan and Stacia are just amazing humans as well.
Shannon Garbaccio Hi Edward and Carl, I have taken several kids shots for their comp cards. And I used to be a producer who worked with casting agents a lot so I am familiar with what is needed. If you haven't found what you're looking for, please give me a call, happy to talk to you more about what you need. Thank you!
Edward Following up: We ended up going with a recommendation that came in through this discussion: We were really happy with both the process and the results: Recommended!
Not exactly a professional but... Where are you buying holiday wreaths this year? What's fresh and ethically sourced?
6 replies
Last reply about 2 months ago
Lawrence Lerner @Lizprc City People was the overwhelming suggestion from people off-list. Thank you!
Shannon Garbaccio I am a volunteer photographer for Soulumination and they are having their annual wreath sale as we speak. They provide professional photo shoots to families who have gravely ill children. It is an amazing organization. They collect all their greens from volunteers who bring in things from their yards etc. Then, volunteer artists go to work and create incredibly unique and beautiful wreaths. All sizes and price points. 100% of the proceeds go toward continuing to fund their mission. I got mine and it is stunning. You can find the details at
Kristy Royce I did a study way back in grad school on the carbon benefits/drawbacks of different types of Christmas trees. I would put wreaths in the same category as Christmas trees, as long as they come from farms. The biggest winner for Christmas trees are the ones that can be planted again, but cut trees came out ahead of fake ones because of the carbon benefit of growing the trees for several years that would not happen if people did not buy Christmas trees. If you have a fake tree, or wreath, then get a good one that will last as long as possible. So, long answer is as long as the wreaths come from a sustainable tree farm, they should be fine.