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over 2 years ago
Eric is the best!! We have had our fair share of strong willed/stubborn bully breeds. Eric has done wonders with them. I don't know if he works some voodoo magic, but his ability to help you and your dogs work through your training hurdles. He is so good about giving you the tools to take home and continue the education and training process with your pup(s).

Cautionary Tales

Random Frog - about 2 years ago
My partner was given a referral to Behavior Vets due to my dog's reactivity issues. We had worked with a dog trainer in the past and were directed on techniques that distracted my dog in the short term by rewarding her for looking at us in the presence of another dog. So long as we were far enough away, and had enough treats, it worked mediocre. But the reality is that we live in a busy suburban neighborhood rift with many dog walkers, and we were struggling to get the distance we needed to stop the reactivity. That dog trainer referred us to Behavior Vets. With a price nearing $400 we were disappointed to find that the Behavior Vets have one consistent theme: drugs, drugs, drugs. Heavily addictive psych drugs. Sure, a drugged dog is less likely to be naughty and threatening. A drugged out human is less likely to be naughty and threatening. But drugs are the cheap way out. Then we were given a (mostly) generic print-out. It included guidance on how to avoid situations that set off my dog. Essentially, I should hold him as a hostage inside my home, without getting out in the practical world. When I think of Behavior Vets, I think drug pushers. Think unrealistic avoidance techniques. I was going to leave this be, but we recently spoke with someone at our church who also used Behavior Vets and had nearly the same experience: drugs, generic avoidance tips, and disappointing results at a high price tag.
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