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Anna Maria Choi

I just moved back from the desert oasis of Las Vegas to the green lush of the Pacific Northwest. Follow my adventure as I re-discover this little corner of the United States. From my travels to the “yasss” in my styling ventures; all these qualities have defined my journey. I want to help you find your own journey through meaningful experiences!
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Dr. Wonder Acne Pimple
Acne Care
If you need a spot treatment acne solution, this product has done wonders for me when I travel. If your skin likes to act up when you travel to different regions, and especially if your skin is in tune with stress. This product is amazing to keep a pimple from growing and sucking out all that oil. Gross, yes it is. But it works the best unlike similar product our there and I've tried majority of them.
Blue Light Glasses
Sometimes it doesn't hit you on how essential blue light blocking computer glasses, until your optometrist talks to you about your on sight. That was when it hit us that our little one definitely needs a pair for himself. Especially with virtual lessons being a top priority for most schools. They will be in front of the computer for majority of the day. I like these glasses because if you shine the screen onto them you can see the difference in pigments from the areas the light is shining through the glass and where it isn't. A definite essential for back to school.
Manuka Health Honey
My skin has been sensitive lately, and I've been finding these random small bumps. The issue though I've been having an allergic reaction to almost everything. So I went back to the basics and started making homemade mask. Manuka honey and rose spray are the best if you are dealing with skin issues like mine. The honey acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and combine with some oatmeal you are all set. FYI, you can also eat a tablespoon to help with digestion.
Nose Frida
Baby Care
As a first time mom, you're mostly learning as you go and hardly have an idea what is really needed when you have your baby shower. The Nose Frida has been a life saver for all snotty baby needs. Unlike the basic nose aspirator, you don't have to worry if you accidentally stick the aspirator to far when fighting your little one. Nose Frida makes it quick and easy during the toughest times. I do recommend getting at least two or three.

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