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3 months ago
With babies who struggle with sinus congestion this little gadget became a must in our regular routine. It is so much faster and easier than alternative products that clear the nose. While the concept seems a bit questionable it is a game changer and must have for any parent.
A must have!
Victoria Grinde Initially the idea of this item freaked me out. BUT I will agree ... It is a must have for sure!
  • about 1 month ago
3 months ago
I used to be very grossed out by the concept of this product but now I absolutely love it! A huge baby essential
3 months ago
Can't live without it for a newborn!! IYKYK!!! 'nuff said... top 10 must have new baby item
Elexa Martinez Yep this thing is a must for may parent!!
  • 3 months ago
Liz Stella The quintessential baby shower item!
  • 3 months ago
3 months ago
Honestly, I thought this was gross but it was recommend by my youngest's pediatrician. Let me tell you it was the best choice ever. My daughter had a lot of congestion as a child. Thanks to this I saved a few trips to Urgent Care.
Sandra Jacquemin Yep - i thought it was gross too - but my girlfriend told me when i was pregnant - you'll see when your child has a stuffy nose it is the BEST thing ever!! Use a saline spray it makes it easier - we make it a game and he loves it.
  • 3 months ago
Minnie Roca Mila didn't love it but I do. It helps clear her out
  • 3 months ago
7 months ago
If you have a young baby, this is a necessity. So much less difficult than a typical sucker.
Liz Stella These are great, they even work well with a toddler. My daughter actively wants to hold it while I suck it out. It's weird but efficient!
  • 5 months ago
11 months ago
As a first time mom, you're mostly learning as you go and hardly have an idea what is really needed when you have your baby shower. The Nose Frida has been a life saver for all snotty baby needs. Unlike the basic nose aspirator, you don't have to worry if you accidentally stick the aspirator to far when fighting your little one. Nose Frida makes it quick and easy during the toughest times. I do recommend getting at least two or three.
Wendy Quast As a postpartum doula, I recommend this product to many of my clients! I echo your statement, "The Nose Frida has been a life saver for all snotty baby needs".
  • 10 months ago
Cindy Sersig This was the best thing for stuffy noses for babies! I didn't know about it until my last baby. It's definitely a must have for all.
  • 7 months ago
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