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Jennifer Kyle

Marin County with my fiancé, pup & horse. Love running, eating and wine.
Joined over 1 year ago
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Air Fryer XL Best 5.5 QT Extreme Model
Air Fryer
I love my airfryer, but I will say I can’t make that much food in it at once. You seem to need to space food out enough for air to circulate around it to you know...air fry it. But I tend to only use it when I cooking for just me bc I hate waiting to cook in batches. It's a great investment.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Do you have oily gross hair that you should wash? Is washing your hair too much work? Did you just answer yes to both of those questions? If so, fear not, Batiste to the rescue! It’s the best for reviving your hair a few days post wash, and can even cover up grown out roots when you are in the middle of a pandemic and can’t get to a salon.
Bil-Jac Gooberlicious Dog Treats
Dog Treats
My dog loves eating. Nothing tickles his tastebuds quite like these treats. They make me happy too because they are good for him! Do not recommend the dog consume the entire bag at once unless you want a reason to purchase new flooring and repaint.
Equadose Pill Splitter
Pill Splitter
I don't need to split pills often, but when I do, I don't want them to explode into a thousand little pieces or turn the pill into powder. This pill cutter is sharp, and also has a little chamber to catch the halves of the pill. It is super convenient.
Foldable Bamboo Storage Bins
We all have a lot of crap. Looking at crap enrages me. It is visually draining. These bins hide and organize the crap in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. They are a great price for the quality and they fit perfectly on top of our kitchen cabinets to hide and organize the random kitchen items that collect there.
Horseman’s Pride Jolly Ball
Horse Care
I have ordered this Jolly ball 22 times. No, that is not a typo. Bruce the horse LOVES this jolly ball to death. They are indestructible for all other horses I have known, but Bruce is a special unicorn. He loves it so much we have to travel with one for him. The entertainment it provides it beyond worth the cost of 22 jolly balls. I refuse to add up the cost though.
Instant Pot
Pressure Cooker
The instant pot is an awesome, multi-use kitchen tool. It should come with a disclaimer that you need an extra room for it to live in, as it is very large. It will make its formidable presence worthwhile based on how many uses it has.
Julep Cuticle Cream
I cannot deal with dry cuticles. I also hate having greasy hands from crappy lotion that doesn’t moisturize and doesn’t absorb. I hate nothing more than my cracking cuticled fingers slipping off the keyboard as I try to frantically log into my 8756th Teams call of the day. Enter this product. I keep one in every bag, and in every room of the house. Amazon stopped selling it for awhile and there was truly no comparison.
Kasa Smart Plug
Smart Plug
My fiancé got me the Kasa Smart Plug as a gift, and it’s one of those things I didn’t think I needed, but now can’t live without. We have multiple now and they are set up with our coffee pot so I can remotely start it before I get up in the morning, our Christmas tree in the winter, and our living room lights so Alexa can turn them on and off. They have a million uses, but having freshly brewed coffee before I come downstairs is my favorite. Especially on the weekends when I don’t want to set a timer.
Kodiak Cakes Waffle Mix
Pancake & Waffle Mixes
Best breakfast ever. These are delicious, filling and full of protein. They are quick to make for breakfast and easy to clean up. Add peanut butter and fruit. And waffles > pancakes
Lava Lamp - the Original!
Lava Lamp
I love lamp. I got it for my fiancé for his birthday. I will admit I was hopeful it would live in his office and I would never see it again. But not so, reader! He put it in the freaking kitchen. But I’ll admit, I have come to love our kitchen lava lamp. Truly adds groovy ambiance to any room.
Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT Gel Pen
If you are a lefty, you know the quality of your pens matter. I never learned to write the way the nuns wanted me to in catholic school - without dragging the ink all over the page, my hand, and my desk. Those that did, I tip my hat to you. This pen writes so smoothly that you expect to turn your hand over and see ink smeared from here to Oklahoma. But not the case!! You will see perfectly unmarred letters. Although the pen cannot correct poor handwriting, it does pretty much everything else.
Petzl Bindi Headlamp
Let me enlighten you to the best headlamp on the market. This headlamp is light, it’s bright, it will make your night! It won’t leave an awkward mark on your forehead, and it’s actually bright enough to see when you about to trip on something.
Sigma F80 Flat Brush
Makeup Brushes
This is an awesome make up brush for putting on foundation. I have used it for a lot of years and this is probably my 3rd or 4th one. They last forever, clean up well, and most importantly, work great. I am no make up guru, but I do feel like I can put on foundation without looking like I have a second layer of skin on with this brush.
Sour Patch Kids Individually Wrapped Big Kids
These are individually wrapped giant sour patch kids!! My mouth is watering just typing this. They are fantastic for a little post lunch treat. And you can still eat 4353532 of them, but the wrappers are nice if you want to exercise portion control. Or just keep them in pockets without residual stickiness. Up to you.
Spiral Bobby Pins
Hair Accessory
You know that girl in high school that could always do her hair in the perfect bun/up do? I was not that girl. I am not gifted at styling my hair, nor do I want to invest time in becoming gifted at such things. Instead, I prefer to have long hair and be perpetually annoyed and putting it in a ponytail. Enter the spiral bobby pins. They are great for throwing your hair up in a bun and making you look like you have your life together. I keep them in every purse.
Three by Three Drawer Organizer
I know someone else out there binged watched The Home Edit and proceeded to buy PRODUCT for every room of the house. This was the effect of that for me and my life is better because it. Rainbow colored and functional? Sign me up. The shallow size is perfect for the middle drawer of a desk that generally turns into a s**t storm of junk, and the little grippy mats on the bottom mean you won’t lose them into the abyss.
Wonton/Pho Spoons
I love going to a Pho restaurant and using their spoons, so I ordered a set for my very own at home Pho experience. The only problem is that these spoons do in fact require that you make Pho at home. Not to worry though, you can order delivery Pho, or just use them for any kind of soup. I wish they were a little bigger, but they are pretty good.


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