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8 months ago
Definitely recommend- i was on the "Reluctant to use" at first but no longer after seeing all it will do!!
8 months ago
This thing is crazy. It makes rice in 3 minutes, apple cider from scratch in 17 minutes, and hard-boiled eggs in 3 minutes! I haven't used it as a slow cooker yet, but it has basically replaced my rice cooker and slow cooker already. Now, I just need an air fryer :P
Anja Castillo You know they make the air fryer lid for it?? it's like $70 or something but still (as long as you have a 6+ qt size (no 3 qt air fryer lid D: )
  • 8 months ago
Brittany Menestrina I love mine!!! The only thing I’ve not enjoyed is when I tried a fish recipe. I should have known though lol!
  • 8 months ago
Laura Wilkinson I love love my Instant Pot! It does everything better
  • 8 months ago
Elexa Martinez I still need to get me one! I would probably cook more!
  • 8 months ago
Tracy Flack As someone who used slow-cookers almost every week, having the Instant Pot has definitely made prep and cook time a lot quicker for me! I love it to make soups, home-made broths and pulled meats to use in meals throughout the week.
  • 8 months ago
Paula Claure We love the Instant! I love the yogurt setting, it's so easy and delicious to make.
  • 7 months ago
9 months ago
Low these! So quick and easy with so many great recipe ideas that come with it!
A great product! We just got the newest version..... a 10-in-1.
10 months ago
I have relied solely on my instapot this year. I love it and all the things I can do with it. My favorite thing is artichokes!
10 months ago
How did I live without this?? It can do it all and without having to stand in the kitchen to cook! I've made cheesy vegetable rice, oatmeal, rice pudding, beef stew, and even HAMBURGERS in this thing so far!!! It's fantastic! I strongly recommend getting an extra inner pot for easier daily use. So much faster and hands-free than other things. Don't waste your money on just a rice cooker, spring for this and have it all!!!
about 1 year ago
I can't live without my instant pot. Easy to use and clean, and I can cook anything with it. I make yogurt, soups, risottos, beef bourguignon, etc. I cannot recommend it enough.
over 1 year ago
Very universal! You can make lunch, dinner, an dessert!
over 1 year ago
There are so few things around my house that I couldn't live without or that I recommend to friends and family ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME, but the Instant Pot is one of them! I received my first one as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law years ago (thanks so much, Kathie!), and it has replaced so many kitchen appliances and gadgets, including my oven, toaster oven, and slow cooker. (I use a Mealthy CrispLid -- another awesome gadget I recommend! -- with it and it has replaced my oven for just about everything, saving me pre-heating time, and just time in general since things cook faster in a smaller space!)

I loved my large IP so much, I bought a smaller one so I could meal prep multiple things simultaneously...and I'm very close to purchasing a third one, because, well, I do a LOT of meal prepping one day a week(!), and it's so nice to be able to throw ingredients in, set the timer, and walk away to do other things without watching the stove or waiting for a timer to go off. I also love that the only cleanup is throwing the liner pot in the dishwasher -- no more pots or pans, utensils, bowls, etc. to scrub in the sink or crowding the dishwasher!

Besides easy clean-up & time savings, there are plenty of great reasons why this is the best-selling item on Amazon year after year! If you don't have one yet, get one! Then, ask me for some delicious recipes. I've got plenty of them -- and tips & tricks, too -- to share!
over 1 year ago
It is quite literally the only kitchen gadget that you need. It does EVERYTHING! Pressure Cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker. You name it, it can cook it! I have the slightly larger 8qt now and I love it.
over 1 year ago
The instant pot is an awesome, multi-use kitchen tool. It should come with a disclaimer that you need an extra room for it to live in, as it is very large. It will make its formidable presence worthwhile based on how many uses it has.
You might imagine that a product so trendy might not live up to the hype, but the Instant Pot delivers everything I want in a pressure cooker. I basically only use the manual setting, but it's completely replaced my fancy stovetop pressure cookers. It's the only model I've ever used where I feel safe to leave the house while it's running.


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