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28 days ago
Love this dry shampoo, it works well and adds great volume to my hair!
I have A LOT of hair & washing it a lot dries it out - this is a dry shampoo that smells great & a little goes a long way.
7 months ago
perfect for when you didnt have time to wash your hair!
7 months ago
perfect for the days you just don't feel like washing your hair.
8 months ago
I had such a hard time finding a dry shampoo that worked with my hair type. Batiste is the only brand that works well. It's also light weight and smells amazing!
8 months ago
Smells super good and is perfect when you’re in a time crunch
10 months ago
I use the Batiste Dry Volumizing Shampoo and it has been my go too for my thin hair. I prefer to put it in at night and do little spot spraying in the morning, it is a life saver as a busy mom.
11 months ago
I LOVE BATISTE! I use the original and it works so well no matter what color my hair is in that moment. Its easy to control and smell so good! And not overwhelming
Elissa Tompkins Ooo! I’m going to need to try this!
  • 11 months ago
12 months ago
Being a natural brunette it's been quite the task to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave a weird white residue. My best friend who is blonde let me try this out and I was instantly sold. A nicely scented and economically priced option for those of us who couldn't be bothered to wash, dry and style our hair more than twice a week.
Elissa Tompkins So many people on this site have recommended this so now I feel like I have to try it!
  • 11 months ago
12 months ago
The Batiste Dry Shampoo in the tropical scent is my go-to on days when I don't want to wash my hair. It absorbs excess oil without leaving a residue. I love spraying this in my hair the night before, knowing I'll wake up looking refreshed!
Mandi Pacer My best friend who is a blonde recommended this and I was hesitant at first being a brunette. I love being able to go 4 days without having to wash and style my hair (Opps, did I say that out loud?!). It has a nice scent, it doesn't leave a weird white shadow, plus it's very inexpensive!
  • 12 months ago
Victoria Grinde I have never used a dry shampoo and I am a brunette as well. I will have to check this out !
  • 12 months ago
over 1 year ago
Do you have oily gross hair that you should wash? Is washing your hair too much work? Did you just answer yes to both of those questions? If so, fear not, Batiste to the rescue! It’s the best for reviving your hair a few days post wash, and can even cover up grown out roots when you are in the middle of a pandemic and can’t get to a salon.


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