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Kaylee Emerson

Hi everyone! I am obsessed by beauty products, nails and fitness! Here to make friends, and learn a tip or two! <3 @kaylee_lub
Joined 2 months ago

Kaylee Recommends


Augustina Bader Exfoliating Toner
Skin Care
If you are lucky enough to be young and reckless, this product might not be for you...OR IS IT? Perfect for early wrinkles, but also to reduce acne or spots, if you have a pizza face like myself.
Beauty Counter Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen
Great for bags, and I have a LOT
Bkind Nail Polish
The best
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
Lip Balm
LISTEN Have it for years, and it is heaven
Dashing Diva Nail Art
Perfect for beginners, and super cute models!
Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'r
Lip Balm
Herbivore Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil
Face Oil
I would not exactly recommend it...Got a bad allergic reaction, and it burned days after! Be careful if you have sensitive skin!
Isdin Skin Care
Skin Care
Quite pricy, but perfect for a smooth growth!
Kate Blanc Cosmetics
They are all very respectful of the environment, and does wonder for your cuticles <3
Morphe 35s Sweet Oasis
A gigantic palette for a small price! Brings you every color you need, for a beautiful result!
Morphe Avane Gregg Lip Duo
Long-lasting, make your lips seem like they doubled in volume, and ideal with some dark lipstick or thick gloss. My favorite for work!
Morphe Earth to Babe Brush Bag
Makeup Brushes
Easy to carry, and how to become a queen in the ladies' room! :D
Morphe Eyes Brush Set
Makeup Brushes
Every product you need for eyebrows, blush, contouring, powder, eyeshadow, etc...I wish I could stop annoying yall with Morphe but what can I say? They are the best <3
Morphe Mattifying Setting Spray
For kick-ass contouring, and make-up that lasts ALL DAY LONG. Also easy to apply, and the bottle will stay at your service for at least six months
Morphie Continuous Setting Mist
Setting Spray
Very useful, and also smells wonderful!
Nail Polish
I can't believe no one recommended this yet!
Olay Complete Moisturizer With SPF 30
A wonder <3
Rare Beauty Liquid Blush
A wonder <3
Runway BB Base Coat
Nail Polish
Perfect if you are biting your nails!
Sally Hansen Nail Polish
You see true results after a few weeks! Was desperate with my short nails
Sisley-Paris Triple Oil Balm Makeup Remover & Cleanser
Skin Care
1. Cleans your skin 2. Removes makeup 3. Moisturizes 4. Smells like peach 5. What are you doing? Go buy it now!
Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure
So easy to apply, and super cute
The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
Oh my god that smell <3





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