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Marisa Bossen

Founder & Principal of Brava Coaching & Consulting | When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my Anatolian shepherd, Kona, FaceTiming with my Seattle friends and North Carolina-based family, reading non-fiction books checked out from the library, indulging in Portland's excellent coffee culture, or exploring my new city of Happy Valley.
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Marisa Recommends


Hurraw! Lip Balm
Lip Balm
I discovered this vegan lip balm company by happy accident. Mind you, I'm not even vegan, but I love: (1) that they don't test their products on animals, because I am an animal lover, and (2) 100% of the ingredients they use are ingredients I trust and don't mind putting on/in (let's be honest: you're gonna ingest or soak up anything you put on your lips!) my body, because I'm extremely toxin-conscious. The third reason I love this company is because every single flavor smells delicious (I went overboard and purchased 12 different flavors between two different orders within one week, and I don't regret it) and goes on smooth, isn't sticky or waxy, nor is too slick that it gets all over my coffee cup. It's the perfect texture for lip balm! Keeps my lips hydrated, as I am perpetually dehydrated, despite my best efforts to drink 64+ oz water each day. Plus, the tinted cherry lip balm really does add a nice tint to my lips to help give my face some color on all the Zoom video meetings I need to be on throughout the day, and I don't need a mirror to quickly apply it, which was not the case for the wand-based lip glosses I was previously using! The fourth reason I love this company is because the shipping is incredibly fast. Granted, shipping is not free (I paid $3.50 for the slowest option), but I received both my orders within 3 business days, and they included some surprise freebies, including full size product! Plus, they use USPS for shipping, and I don't mind paying to support the USPS!
Instant Pot
Pressure Cooker
There are so few things around my house that I couldn't live without or that I recommend to friends and family ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME, but the Instant Pot is one of them! I received my first one as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law years ago (thanks so much, Kathie!), and it has replaced so many kitchen appliances and gadgets, including my oven, toaster oven, and slow cooker. (I use a Mealthy CrispLid -- another awesome gadget I recommend! -- with it and it has replaced my oven for just about everything, saving me pre-heating time, and just time in general since things cook faster in a smaller space!) I loved my large IP so much, I bought a smaller one so I could meal prep multiple things simultaneously...and I'm very close to purchasing a third one, because, well, I do a LOT of meal prepping one day a week(!), and it's so nice to be able to throw ingredients in, set the timer, and walk away to do other things without watching the stove or waiting for a timer to go off. I also love that the only cleanup is throwing the liner pot in the dishwasher -- no more pots or pans, utensils, bowls, etc. to scrub in the sink or crowding the dishwasher! Besides easy clean-up & time savings, there are plenty of great reasons why this is the best-selling item on Amazon year after year! If you don't have one yet, get one! Then, ask me for some delicious recipes. I've got plenty of them -- and tips & tricks, too -- to share!


Dr. Melissa Leone
I've had a plethora of bad experiences with dentists in my lifetime (and *knock on wood* I don't even have "bad" teeth or serious dental issues yet), so I'm usually pretty reluctant about following through on my two annual check-ups. However, since finding Dr. Leone and her dental hygienist, Amy, any anxiety or fear previously associated with this ritual has been erased for me! Both are very professional, kind, and conscientious, which is important, because it means they are not prone to making mistakes or injuring me, as other dentists/hygienists have in the past. Their care for their patients is evident in the work they do, but also that they consistently remember details about me (i.e., things we discussed at my last cleaning six months prior!) to bring up in conversation. Even if the trick behind this magic is that they are charting notes after each appointment that they read right before seeing me the next time, this extra step makes me feel valued, and less like "just another" patient. I also greatly appreciate that Dr. Leone has a straight-forward, fairly priced, out-of-pocket payment special to encourage her patients to come in twice a year. She's up front with what's included in the cost, and after plenty of healthcare horror stories where nothing is itemized on the bill, let alone priced accurately prior to service, knowing what to expect financially is especially comforting. Street parking is not too difficult in front of the office, and the waiting room is zen for those who get anxious about seeing the dentist or are over-stimulated by clutter.


Trader Joe's • West Seattle
I love Trader Joe's in general, and have done 85% of my grocery shopping there for at least the past decade, but the West Seattle store deserves a shout-out! More than any other Seattle area TJ's that I've been a regular patron of (includes Roosevelt, Ballard, & Queen Anne stores), the employees here go way out of their way to be friendly, helpful, and *actually get to know* their customers. Within months of moving to West Seattle and shopping here, several employees knew my name and/or recognized me and would catch me off-guard while shopping by saying "Hi Marisa! We have a case of dog food in the back for you. Want me to go grab it?" regarding my recurring order of a case of wet dog food. That's right -- for over a year (until it was recently discontinued) they placed a weekly recurring order for me (well, for Kona!) without me having to reorder every time I came in to shop, and they would always happily help me out to the car to load it into my trunk for me, which saved my injury-prone back! One of their former employees, who I fortuitously became friends with through an unrelated FB group about a month before the pandemic hit, even went out of her way to ask me (someone she'd known for mere weeks, and only met a handful of times) if I needed anything (when food shortages were occurring in March 2020), and on several occasions secured items for me when the delivery trucks showed up after the store closed, and then DROPPED THEM OFF FOR ME AT MY HOUSE after she had already completed a grueling 8-hour shift, and I live out of her way home from work! *mind blown* (Yes, I reimbursed and even tipped her via PayPal, but the thoughtfulness & kindness cannot be overstated!) This speaks to the character of the people the manager there hires, and it's a huge reason why I am singling out this particular store for my Trader Joe's recommendation, even though I love the company as a whole. Also, it's a GREAT place to get inexpensive, but beautiful (and usually healthy) plants! (If the plant dies, you can return it, no questions asked!) Let's just say I developed a houseplant addiction during quarantine because Trader Joe's made it too easy to get new plants every week...

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