Mercer Island Pediatrics
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Mercer Island Pediatrics

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about 3 years ago
Mom to accident prone twin boys. Long story short: I'd follow Dr. Elizabeth Evans to the ends of the earth.
over 3 years ago
Kids have been there for years, they are great.
almost 4 years ago
Great team of pediatricians who also give back to our community.
about 4 years ago
John and Liz are fantastic. John was the first one to visit me in the hospital when I gave birth to my third child in the middle of a snowstorm! They have been caring for my kids since we moved to Mercer Island and I can't imagine going anywhere else.
over 4 years ago
dr. schreuder and dr gonzales amazing- they are so sweet and thorough - feels like 1970s they know your name and you can tell that they are tracking the kids overall wellness not just physical
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