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Shauna Swerland Youssefnia

Entrepreneur (CEO FUEL TALENT) mom, dog-owner, and traveler, living on Mercer Island. Seattle born and bred but I have lived in SF and NYC.
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Shauna Recommends


Bellevue Acupuncture
becky su is amazing- old school spends 2 hours on the intake - cash only doesnt take insurance- good massage and accupuncture
Dr. Dodi Nov
best bedside manner, runs on time, very professional, trust him implicitly- my kids even enjoy going to the dentist
Dr. Edwin Lai (Northwest Gastroenterology)
great GI doc
Dr. Heather Rogers
she is great for all things cancer and cosmetic related
Dr. Kendra Gil
she was my primary for years- very kind and thorough and easy to talk to
Dr. Mario Chorak
his office is very professional and I trust his opinion
Dr. Milah Frownfelter (Seattle Medical Associates)
milah is very thorough and she is a concierge doc who replies asap to any emails so that i dont have to go into the doc if i need a basic script filled etc
Dr. Randall Calvert
dr dodi nov referred me to him when i needed a root canal- clean, thorough, very good bedside manner
Dr. Wayne Larrabee (Pacific Northwest Facial Plastic Surgery)
Cosmetic Surgery
great for lasers etc
Eye Clinic of Mercer Island
Eye Doctor
Dr Pham (Stephanie i think) was great. She helped me understand what was wrong when other doctors couldn’t. I had a scratch on my eye that was killing me.
Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center/Dr. Darvish
this place is amazing- comprehensive, thorough, clean, professional- mix of eastern and western medicine
Lisa Porad Acupuncture
lisa is awesome- she is so easy to talk to and professional- she has a very soothing environment and makes you feel comfortable
Mercer Island Eyeworks
Eye Doctor
they are great- super easy and accessible- no nonsense
Mercer Island Pediatrics
dr. schreuder and dr gonzales amazing- they are so sweet and thorough - feels like 1970s they know your name and you can tell that they are tracking the kids overall wellness not just physical
Modern Dermatology
heather rogers is amazing- hard to get into - books out 6 months- thorough on checking moles for cancer- also good with cosmetic - will not overdo it maren for facials the kids see the other two derms there who have a solid practice as well (acne etc)
Northwest Women's Health Care
dr bomke is amazing- i had my third child with her deceased husband he was the best- their docs are incredible- super busy but there is a reason
Rosenwald & Associates
I grew up going to Dr. Jim Rosenwald- he is amazing
Strategic Health Chiropractic
stephen chan helped with my shoulder injury- he is great!




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