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over 1 year ago
A Bosch is great for the extreme quietness. Doesn’t have to be the upper price point!
over 1 year ago
We had a Bosch installed last year and it's been great. Super quiet plus I love the cutlery rack at the top. The cutlery rack is really helpful for small items like sippy cup lids or small water bottle parts.
almost 2 years ago
In my opinion, Bosch is the only quiet and reliable dishwasher that confidently gives years of service and pays for itself over time.
almost 2 years ago
Go with the Bosch, it is so quiet - it is actually shocking how quiet it is. Ours projects a little light onto the floor to indicate it is running. It cleans dishes incredibly well - and I am frighteningly obsessed with the 3rd rack for silverware. Yes you have to clean out the filter and trap occasionally - and for us, that is when it does take on a bit of a smell. But for the most part, It is worth the price!
almost 2 years ago
We've had a Bosch for about 10 years now and it's great! Definitely quiet. Whenever we've had issues (draining or clogs) with it we've been able to fix it ourselves by watching YouTube videos, so that has been great. We haven't needed any new parts in this time. Our prior dishwasher was a KitchenAid and very loud. We got our Bosch at Albert Lee
almost 2 years ago
Our Bosch is nice and quiet and works great so far. One thing to know about the different "series" (prices) of Bosch dishwashers is that they're mechanically the same. The different prices are usually for fancier racks and "modes" that you'll probably never use. The 300 series seems to be the sweet spot for most people. We got one with more complicated racks at the Albert Lee warehouse sale for the same price, but if not for that sale I would have gotten the 300.
almost 2 years ago
I did a lot of reasearch before buying ours and ended up with a Bosch despite the price. It's awesome and as close to silent as could be reasonably expected.
almost 2 years ago
We have a 10 year old Bosch unit. It's never missed a minute of work, and I never know, by ear, when it's finished because it's utterly silent. Hard to recommend against this level of capability and reliability.

(And I should add that it requires periodic filter and trap cleaning. I think all washers do. Think of it like an oil change - a minor annoyance that's the most important preventive maintenance you can perform.)
recommended by Heather Holland


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